Monday, August 18, 2008


Wednesday, we left the Double JJ Ranch and headed for Grand Rapids. We went to the John Ball zoo. It was a fun zoo, most of us touched some stingrays and a shark. We went to McDonald's for lunch then headed back to Stevensville. In the evening, Ken took Sydney and Jackie to a concert at the county fair. Blake, Brian, Jared, Cindy & I went to St. Joseph to get some yummy pizza, then we walked down to the Lake Michigan beach and watched the waves, then we walked back up to the town and got some yummy ice cream.

Jared, Jackie, Cindy, Blake and Brian touching the stingrays.

Syd and Jackie seeing if they measure up to kangaroo. Syd is actually younger than Jackie by almost 2 years!

Jackie and Syd feeding some birds.

Jared and Jackie petting and brushing some nice goats.

Brian wished he'd worn his swimming suit, he wanted to get out into those waves.

Jared and Cindy checking out some of the waves.

Here are the 5 Purcell's that were together for a few days.

Brian, Cindy and Jared eating their yummy ice cream cones.

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