Friday, August 1, 2008

Oregon - The Redwoods and the Coast

On Wednesday, we loaded in the car again and headed for northern California and the Redwoods. We stopped at a beach and had a picnic lunch. We droved through the Redwoods and stopped and hiked a couple of trails. We decided to drive up the Oregon coast for a ways before heading inland and back to the resort in Klamath Falls. That turned out to be an adventure! The road the map said to take was not much more than a paved 4 wheeler trail (at least it was paved!). It took us up into the mountains and wound around forever! It was fine until it started to get dark, then it became pretty intense. Blake was driving through switchbacks and very curvey windy roads with no guardrails. What should have taken us about 2 hours took about 6, we finally made it back to the resort at 1:00 am!
Blake and Diana on the beach. It was really foggy and chilly.

Blake, Jared and Brian checking out the ocean near Cresent City, CA
All of us inside a Redwood tree!

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