Sunday, November 18, 2012

Annie Emma Purcell 10-30-12

We have a new Granddaughter!  Annie Emma Purcell was born in Weatherford, Texas on October 30, 2012 at about 7:20 am. She weighed in at 6 lbs, almost 8 oz., 19 inches long. She has quite a bit of light brown hair, mostly on the back of her head.
First picture of Annie! Welcome to the family!

I was lucky enough to fly to Texas on Saturday, Oct 27th.

Brian and Maden met me at DFW Airport. On our way to Weatherford, we stopped at a park in Fort Worth for Maden to go to a birthday party for a little friend.

Sunday, I went to church with Brian and Maden, it was so fun to be with Maden again, I have missed him! On Monday, we went to Texas Roadhouse for Celia's "last supper".  She was scheduled to be at the hospital at 5:00 am Tuesday morning for a C-section. About 1:15 am Brian came in and told me that Celia was having contractions and they were heading to the hospital.  They were able to stop the labor and go ahead with the C-section at the scheduled time. Brian called and said Maden and I could head on over to the hospital about 8:30. We were both excited to meet Annie!

Beautiful little lady. She looked a lot like Maden when he was born, smaller, but very similar features.

Maden and I stayed at the hospital for awhile, then went home for a nap, then we went back to see Mommy and Annie again. Wednesday was Halloween, we went back to the hospital to visit again for awhile in the morning.

Maden and Brian played at the hospital playground for awhile, then Maden tried out Mommy's hospital bed and drank some sparkling cider in a fancy glass.

Maden also wanted to try out Annie's hospital bed! We sang Happy birthday to Annie over some cupcakes we made and decorated(We did this on her actual birthday). Pretty sleeping baby.

We went Trunk or Treating at the church. Maden was way impressed with all the candy he got. He was very good at saying Trunk or Treat and Thank you.

Thursday, November 1st, Annie and Celia got to come home! Maden got to have a little ride in the wheelchair.

Helping feed Annie. Beautiful Annie. 

1st bath.

All cleaned up and smelling so sweet!

Maden is such a good little self entertainer.

Holding and loving and kissing baby Annie.

Having more fun with letters.  Brian made this Alphabet hop scotch for Maden, he loved it and got pretty good at hopping!

Helping with Annie's bath, before his bath time.

Playing games on Grandma's IPad, pretending with Daddy, hopscotching with Daddy, even Kitty Maden can play on the hopscotch.

Trying out hair bows!

Feeding fish at the park.

Playing at the park.

Bath time for Annie, shower time for Maden.

Photo shoot.

Having great fun throwing sponges off the deck to a chalk  target on the driveway.

Dancing with mommy and watching Mickey Mouse while Daddy is house hunting in Erie.

Look what Brian found in his bag!

Tired parents.

Back to the park again.

I made Annie have a fashion show in the dresses I made for her. 

Brian and Maden having a marching band with some little guitars.

I had a great time in Texas meeting little Annie and playing with Maden! It was really hard to to leave them and come home to cold Idaho and my real life responsibilities!


 We decided to take a little Autumn trip through Yellowstone. So on Friday, September 28th, Randy, Courtney, Blake and I took off. Our 1st stop was at Big Judd's in Ashton for some large hamburgers. Next we stopped at Big Springs in Island Park.

We fed the fish, some ducks and some muskrats.

We stayed at the WorldMark West Yellowstone Resort that night. Early the next morning we took off for Yellowstone National Park. Randy couldn't remember going to Mammoth, so we decided we would go that way instead of the usual Old Faithful route.

We hadn't gone very far before we saw some Elk. They were pretty far away, but Randy zoomed in and got a pretty good picture.

We saw a really pretty waterfall.

When we got to road we were going to take, it was closed for maintenance. We went into a Visitor Center, and a Ranger told us to take another route.  We ended up going to The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  When we pulled into the parking lot, there were 3 ranger pickups and a bunch of rangers, one had a rifle on her shoulder.  We found out that there had been a bear lounging on the rocks by the pathway, and he had moved to some rocks just below the path. The rangers were going to shoot what they called fire cracker shots to get the bear to move down further into the canyon.  They roped off the pathway and made us all move back toward the parking lot.  Then they took a shot toward the bear. The bear didn't move down, but up a little incline, right in front of where we were standing. We actually got to see the bear!

There he goes, just lumbering along.

We saw buffalo on our way to Mammoth. One was just walking down the road.

The Mammoth resident Elk.

After we left Mammoth, we drove out of the Park to the north, and stayed at a Residence Inn in Bozeman. We found a school and played some tennis and ate at Outback Steakhouse. We got up Sunday morning and found a Sacrament Meeting to attend, then headed home. We decided to go home on I15 instead of going back through Island Park. We stopped in Dillon and had a little picnic, then headed home. It was a fun little trip.