Friday, January 21, 2011

A Very Nice Surprise

Blake's sister Darlou is a very talented and accomplished artist.  She lives with her husband, Nathan and kids Garin and and Alia in Hampton, NH.  They came home for a visit in November.  Blake was able to pick them up at the SLC airport, and then take them back when it was time for them to go home. He was also able to get some help for Alia's sore toe. It was really good to see them.  Well, on Tuesday we received a package from Darlou!  

It was this painting!  This picture turned out a little fuzzy, but you can see what a nice picture it is. We love it!  She painted it from a photo she took on a previous visit to Idaho.  It was taken somewhere near where Blake grew up.  

We decide to hang it above the fireplace.  I think it looks really nice there.  Thank you so much, Darlou!  We feel very special to have one of your originals!

West Yellowstone

We had the opportunity for a winter vacation in West Yellowstone last week.  We left on Tuesday, Jan. 11th and stayed until Sunday. We stayed at the Worldmark resort in West Yellowstone.  Blake, Jared, Randy, Courtney and I stayed the whole time, and Brian, Celia and Maden were able to stay until Friday morning.

Maden loved the swimming pools and hot tub!

Even Grandpa got to spend some time with Maden in the pools!

We ate good food, watched some "programs", read some stories and even played some games.  

There was tons of snow!!

The snowmachines got plenty of use.  Everyone got turns to go riding!

I really do just "ride"!  

There was a little freezing rain on Friday, it kind of stuck to the glasses and goggles.  We were planning to go to Island Park to Meadow Creek Lodge, but decided that the top of the mountains would be fogged in, so we turned around and went back.

Randy and Jared love playing in the open areas.  Jared wears a yellow helmet and Randy wears a green one.

It was a great trip!  We were able to go to Sacrament Meeting in the West Yellowstone Ward on Sunday, it was interesting to walk up the tunnel of sidewalk to the chapel.  Some people came to church on their snowmachines! 

Brian's an RN!

Brian has been doing an LPN to RN course online.  He finished the course and had to fly to Madison, WI to take his final exams. He left on Jan. 6th and came home on Jan. 10th.  He was very nervous, but with some divine help he passed!!!!  

Blake, Celia and Randy took Brian to Salt Lake on the 6th to catch his flight, that meant that I got to keep Maden for the day!  We had a great time!

He played with magnets, balls and lots of toys.  We went to Walmart and just had a grand time!

Then on the 10th, Blake, Celia, Maden, Jared, Courtney (Randy had to work) and I drove to Salt Lake to get Brian.

Maden loved walking around the airport while we were waiting for Brian's flight.

Celia made a sign for Brian!

A very happy reunion!

After Brian got in, we celebrated by going to Rodizio's in American Fork!  We are proud of you Brian!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

That's Life Continued --- December 2010

Brian And Celia had a birthday party for Maden on Dec 4th while Celia's mom and brothers were here.  We had pizza, cake and snacks.
Maden wasn't sure why this cake was on his tray, he really didn't like touching it.

Opening presents!

Maden started really taking steps at his party!

Cindy sent these elf pajamas for him!
We had another little party at our house on his real birthday, December 5th.  He was so cute, he clapped when we sang Happy Birthday.

He loves our baby cat, he would even try walking to chase her.

Brian let him try some egg nog, he loved it!
A milk jug and measuring spoon is all he needs to entertain himself!
Loving some hot tub time!
Blake and I went to Brian and Celia's ward party to help tend Maden because Brian had to work and Celia had to help with the party.  He loved walking all over the church.  One little boy asked it he was a real elf!

He wasn't scared of Santa, just checked him out real good.

Christmas was pretty low key this year.  Blake and Jared got new snowmachine coats.  We just had a great time being together, eating and playing games.  Wish Cindy, Ken and Syd could have come!
We went bowling on New Year's Eve.  Maden would have been glad to spend the whole time cuddling and singing with Grandpa, wasn't very happy when it was Grandpa's turn to bowl.

We had some good Grandma time while everyone was bowling.  He walked all over and loves to be "chased".

Courtney even got some cuddling!

Brian and Celia letting Maden have a turn!
Getting ready to push the ball...

Oh, it's going!
Looks like a pretty good shot!