Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunrise, Sunset

I have had a project in mind for quite awhile now, and have finally completed it! It wasn't easy getting it from my head to actually happening! The inspiration for this project were the words from "Sunrise, Sunset" from the "Fiddler on the Roof". It was quite a process getting the pictures in frames that were the right size, and getting them arranged so they were straight. I am very pleased with the finish product! It is even better than it was in my head! The sunrises and sunsets are all pictures that I have taken, some of them right out my front door, some of them in places we have visited!
This is the grouping of pictures on my family room wall! I have a section for each of my four kids starting with their baby pictures, then their first 5 years, then the portrait Darlou sent when they turned 8, then their school years, then a wedding, then a current family picture. 

Cindy's section....the sunrise or sunset pictures between her section and Brian's say "Is this the little girl I carried?", and "Is this the little boy at play?".

Brian's section

The center section....Blake and I when we were young, and a current picture. The sunrise, sunset saying is "I don't remember growing older, when did they?"

Randy's section.... the sunrise, sunset words between Randy and Jared say: "Wasn't it yesterday when they were small?', and "When did he get to be so tall?"

Jared's section....since he is not married yet, I put the picture we took before he left, and a current picture he sent home.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Annual West Yellowstone Adventure

Last week we took our annual trip to West Yellowstone. There were some differences this year, though. First off, only 3 of us went on Wednesday, Blake, Randy and I left about 4:00pm and got to West Yellowstone about 6:00. Courtney came up on the shuttle on Firday morning. So compared to the last 2 years when we had 8, it was very quiet. Next, we had two brand new snow machines and one brand new pickup! They all worked really well, much improved over the old ones.

There is not much snow this year, see the small black light pole to the right of the wooden doors? Other years that has been completely covered by snow.

It was really cold on Thursday morning!
Blake and Randy went to Two Top on Thursday, this is a great view of the Tetons!
Randy thought this was cool, the way the wind blew the snow all over this tree and made a hole around the tree. It's called a ghost tree.
After Courtney got there on Friday, and after it had warmed up a little, we all took off for a day of riding.
We rode to Meadow Creek Lodge for some lunch.

Here we are, waiting for our food.
We went to Big Springs.
We did find some trees that had snow on them, but mostly they were green.
  Sure not as much snow this year.
Blake at the top of the hill.
Randy at the top.
On Saturday after Blake and Randy got done riding, we went to Gushers Pizza. There were a bunch of guys that rode their machines to get some pizza. We rode in New Big Red.

On Sunday, we went to Sacrament Meeting, then ate a great Sunday dinner, played some games and watched 17 Miracles and some other movies. It was a nice relaxing day. Monday morning, we woke up to a little new snow, too bad it was time to go home!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pictures from Jared

I received Jared's memory card in the mail today! It was a real good Monday! He is serving as a District Leader in Columbia, MO in the Highland Ward. His companion is Elder Hansen. 
I think this picture was taken in Fulton, pretty cool wall.

Boo hoo, no mail.
Thrust in your sickle!
Very nice quilt from Nikelle.