Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snowman from FedEx?

Friday, a very large box appeared outside my backdoor delivered by FedEx. We were busy coming and going and didn't have time to open it for awhile. It said it was from M A Sappington, from St. Charles, MO, addressed to me. Finally we were able to open it, we couldn't imagine what was inside and if it was somehow connected to Jared. Randy was here and it took both of us about 10 - 15 minutes to get all the bubble wrap unwrapped.

The mound of bubble wrap, and the surprise inside! It is ceramic and was in 3 pieces that stack together, isn't it just cute, and big! But, there was no note, I had no idea why or who sent this adorable snowman to me! I got looking at the label and found a phone number next to the senders address, so I called it up. I asked the lady that answered if she had sent a darling ceramic snowman to me. She squealed and said she was so glad that it was not broken. She said her name was Mary Ann, and my son had chosen that snowman for her to send me. She went on to tell me that "those boys" had been coming to her house for a long time, and she loved having them come. She said she always thought if she had a son out on his own in the world like "these boys" she would hope that people would be nice to him. She said that she really misses Jared since he has been transferred, that there was something extra special about him, that she loved his happy attitude and smile! She told me that I should be really proud of him! She said she asked Jared if there was any of her ceramic things I might like, he told her that I like snowmen, so she had this one and wondered if I would like it, he told her I would love it. She made me promise to tell Jared that it got here unbroken, and to tell him that she misses him.

Needless to say, I LOVE IT! Thank you Jared and Mary Ann!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Blake and I decided for our birthdays we would like to take a trip to Texas! We boarded a plane early in the morning on Sept. 22 and arrived at the Dallas Fort Worth airport at about 10:00 am.
We were so excited to see Maden and Brian and Celia.
Maden had to help Brian take our suitcases in.
He showed us how he could be a "Ralphy"
I love this picture...Maden is listening to Blake sing as he sits in the cart at Walmart.
There was a lot of tennis playing, even in the rain.
At Texas Roadhouse, Maden likes to be big and sit on the bench.

On Friday, we went to the Fort Worth Zoo. It is a real nice zoo. Then we went to Applebees for lunch, and later to Rita's for a treat. We loved the time we had at the apartment just to visit and play with Maden.
A huge alligator!
This is about how big the real one is!
Maden loved pushing the buttons and seeing what they said on the phones.
He rode a baby elephant.(or ephewant, as Maden says)
At Applebees, he wanted a lime wedge. He loved it and wouldn't put it down till he had sucked it dry.
Blake loved these trees that were still blooming.
Grandpa taught Maden how to shave! He almost shaved his hair!
We brought him a new tractor that has animals and makes all sorts of sounds (wonder if the battery is still in it, haha), Maden thought "Kegan" and Turtle needed a ride too.
He didn't think sharing Grandpa's frozen custard at Rita's was good enough, he just took the cone and ate it all!

Saturday, we went to breakfast at Golden Coral, then to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. It was really pretty with some fountains and arches and a pond that had fish and turtles swimming in it.  In the evening,we went downtown to Sammies for another treat. They make cookies and you choose what kind of ice cream you want to make an ice cream sandwich with your cookies. It was good, but not as good as Rita's.

I wanted to take some family pictures, so we tried that. It was hard getting all three posing right.
Pretty good one.
Little man sitting on a rock.
We did a self portrait using the timer on the camera.
Maden has always loved my camera, from the time he was pretty little. He would hold it up and say, "Say Cheese, Maden." I figured out why the pictures we took earlier were a little fuzzy...he left his finger prints on the lens.
Walking with Grandpa.

Sunday morning we went back to the Botanic Gardens armed with bread and pancakes to feed the turtles and fish. Blake tried to catch a turtle by the tail, but they were to too quick. Then we went to church and just hung out watching movies.

The boys feeding the turtles and fish.

Maden is eating some lunch before church.

Monday came way too quickly. Blake and Brian played more tennis, and Celia, Maden and I went to the park. After the park, we went to lunch at a steakburger place near the airport, then we went to a huge outlet mall. Then we got dropped off at the airport. It was a quick trip, but way better than no trip at all!

Maden ran to get Blake and Brian when they came to the park.
More swinging
Going round and round with Austin.
This is how two little boys and a daddy can ride the teeter totter.

Celia sent this picture of a sad Maden after we got out of the car at the airport. I think our faces mirrored his, but with some tears added at least on mine.

Thanks Brian and Celia for letting us come and stay! We had a great time and added some wonderful memories! Can't wait for next time.

Another Elder Jared update

Jared has been out for 4 months now! He is doing really well. They had their 2nd baptism on the 24th of September. I love it that he attaches pictures sometimes to his emails.
This is a toad just outside their apartment.
He said that this looked like he and Elder Pentz were walking in heaven. I think it looks like the Sacred Grove.
He said that sometimes he can't figure out where he is.
With his District.
At Josh's baptism.

New Window

The window for the living room finally came in! It was installed on Thursday, it looks wonderful! Almost immediately we noticed how quiet it was, you really can't hear the cars going by on the road.
The center section is taken out, they are still working on the frame.
I kind of liked the clean look of no window! But it might be kind of cold without a window, and we might have unwanted guests fly in!

The window without the casings.
Now look! All trimmed thanks to Randy Chambers talents! It looks wonderful!
The guys installing would crawl in and out of the hole.
Blake and Randy adding some trim to the outside. It looks marvelous!