Sunday, September 1, 2013

oh well....

For a long time, over a year, our well pump would turn on even if no water had been running. We had a well company come and look at it, they said the pump was fine, they thought it must be a leak between the well and the house. So, finally Blake decided to dig up the line and see if he could find the leak. He determined the leak was under the patio, so the only way to fix it was to bypass that pipe and put a new one connecting the well and pressure tank. So, on Friday, June 21st the water was turned off and the work began.
Blake started digging the hole. Thankfully, Clem Yancey came to the rescue with his tractor and dug the big trench. Blake, Randy and Jared spent a lot of time down in the trench. 

The hardest part of the whole ordeal was cutting a hole in the cement wall so they could reroute the pipe.  Then the pump had to be rewired.

Blake and Randy were so dirty, they had stay outside to eat lunch. Blake had to remove the paneling and sheet rock off the wall in the basement where they needed to reroute the pipes. Randy is checking to see if they are coming through the cement yet. 

It took 2 days, but on Saturday we had water again!  Then they used Clem's tractor to fill in the trench again.  It fixed the problem, the well doesn't turn on for no good reason!!

Next came the job of filling in the trench with some new top soil. Thanks to the Matsuura's for letting us take some from their yard. Blake made several trips on the four wheeler, and got it all leveled, then planted grass.  

Oh no!  About a month later look what happened! When they dug the trench, they cut a sprinkler line.  They had repaired it, but it broke again, leaking down into the basement. 

Blake repaired it yet again, got more dirt and planted more grass. 

Oh no! Not again!  It broke again and leaked into the basement again about 2 weeks later. This time, Blake fixed it differently. Hopefully, it's the last time.