Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stormy Sunday

It was definitely a Stormy Sunday! It was raining hard with thunder and lightning when I came out of church. I had parked pretty close, but was still soaked when I got to the car. There were huge puddles on the sidewalk, so my feet got all wet too. It rained that hard for about 30 minutes, then it cleared up and was sunny for about 1 1/2 hours. Then just as we were sitting down to eat, it started getting darker and darker outside. Pretty soon the wind started to blow and it began raining even harder than it had earlier. Then, the rain turned to hail. The wind was still howling and blowing the leaves and some branches off the big tree. It was hailing so hard that it was making piles of hail. It looked like there was a drift of hail across the driveway. It flattened the corn and tomato plants in the garden. The storm probably lasted for 30 - 40 minutes. We got so busy watching it all happen that our dinner got cold!

This pile of hail by the grill was still there about 3 hours later.

Can you see the hail pouring out of the rain gutter spout on the corner of the garage?

Here's the hail drift in the driveway.

Here's a pile of hail in the flower bed by the shed.

This is a mixture of rain and hail in the rows of the garden.

Video taken from the garage door.

Video taken out the front door.

Family Fishing

Friday evening, we took a little family fishing trip down to Terry's fishing hole.

Brian down on the far end, then Jared and Celia
Blake trying out the brand new pole.

Celia caught a fish!! Then they threw it back hoping to catch it again!

Now, I'm trying out the new pole. I had a couple of bites, but they got away.

Courtney caught one and we kept it! The only one we brought home. She wanted to eat it for lunch on Saturday, but we forget to relay that message on to Blake and somehow the fish disappeared. He tried to cook up some salmon and make her believe it was her trout, but she didn't fall for it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Jared is planning to go to BYU-I in September, so today was the first day he could register. The day started at 12:01 a.m. He went to bed and planned to get up at midnight so he might get some of the classes he wanted. I heard him in the computer room, so I got up to support him.

He got all signed in and was just waiting for the clock to strike 12:01. As soon as it hit, he started clicking the "Add" button on the College Algebra class he wanted. It would just bring up a page saying, "Warning, your class has NOT been added because you are not eligible to register at this time." What??? It is the last day of registration, everyone else has registered, all that is left is the lowly freshmen with no credits. He tried with some other classes, but kept getting the same message. Finally, at 12:30, he called a friend that he knew was trying to register too, she said she was getting the same message! He kept trying for a few more minutes with the same result, so I sent him to bed because he had to up at 5:00 to go bag ice, then to work at the Surgical Center after that.

I kept trying to add the classes until about 2:00, then decided to go to sleep for awhile. After tossing and turning for about a half hour I got back up and checked again, still no luck. So, I set a timer for 1 hour and went to sleep. The timer rang at 3:30, so I checked again, still the same stupid message. So, I went back to bed, and got up when I heard Randy and Jared get up at 5:00 and checked again, still the same message. They left for work and I kept checking, still nothing. Just before I left for Curves at 6:40, I checked again, still the same dumb message.

As soon as I got home at 7:45, I checked again, it was going to let me in!! The math class he wanted was full, but I was able to get one at a different time. I was able to get him in all the rest of the classes at the times he wanted! Whew! I wish we could go back in time and we wouldn't have got up at midnight, we would have simply slept with no worries.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Before and After

Here's the pickup all loaded on the trailer in Las Vegas on July 30, 2005

Here it is at the car show in Blackfoot on June 13, 2009!

Car Show

After four years of toil and labor and tons of money and patience the 65 Ford pickup was finally done!!!! Blake and Jared decided that if they got done before Blackfoot Pride Days they would enter it in the car show. They finished last week, just in time! We thought we had to have it down to Airport Park by 7:00 am, and Jared and Randy had to work and Blake had to do a physical and I won't drive it, so Brian and Celia came to drive it there. As it turned out, it would have been fine to take it later, but there still would not have been anyone to drive it. We ended up winning a tool set, no trophy but that's ok, we thought it looked pretty sharp!

After we got it all parked, Brian, Celia and I walked down to Jensen's Grove and ate a free breakfast of pancakes, hash browns and eggs and milk. We watched the swimmers in the triathalon get out of the lake and onto their bikes. Then we went back and sat in the shade of a Willow tree by the pickup for a while. Yes, I did say shade, because it was sunny this morning! Blake came after awhile and we looked at all the other cars, then decided to walk back down to Jensen's Grove to watch the snowmachine races. That's right, I said snowmachine races! They got two machines and started them on some sand on one side of the lake and they raced like they were wave runners on top of the water to the other side. Or at least that's what they hoped to do. Most of them did, but some of the didn't stay on top of the water and sunk their machines. Then someone on a wave runner would come and pull it out. It was pretty fun to watch. Randy and Jared got done working in time to see some of the races. Then, we bought some lunch and were just finishing eating, when it started to thunder, then rain. We ran for the Randy's car since it was parked closer. Brian and Celia and Ralphie had to climb in the way back of the Escape, and we were all pretty soaked. We got back to the other cars and the pickup and decided to just go home. The car show went until 4:00, so we went back and got the pickup then. Even with the interuption because of the rain, it was a pretty fun day.

More Tennis

Jared has had the opportunity to play on a league tennis team in Idaho Falls. Brian is on the same team, but he is playing singles and Jared has been playing doubles. It is just for fun (although some on the team would argue with that statement), and has been a good experience for Jared. Since it has been so rainy they have had to play most of their matches at Apple. Last Thursday, Jared and his partner were on the middle court, and Brian was playing on the third court, in some of the pictures it looked like they were playing together. It was kind of hard as spectators to keep track of what was going on with both matches. I never tire of watching my kids play!

Sorry about the blury pictures, but I had to zoom way in to get Brian clear over in the 3rd court.