Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mini Vacation to Salt Lake

November 15-16, 2014

Brian told us that we could sign up online to drive a brand new 2015 Ford F150 pickup . The pickup has been totally redesigned inside and out, even under the hood, and it is not available to buy yet.  Blake, Randy and Jared all signed up to drive it on November 15 in Midvale, UT.  We decided to make it a little vacation. So, Blake, Randy, Courtney, Jared, Nikelle and I all loaded up in Red about 10:00am on the 15th. We got to the Sportsmans Wearhouse where they had the pickups about 2.  

This is the one that Blake drove, it was a very short ride, about 6 minutes, but it was a very nice truck.  The room in the back seat was amazing! Blake really liked the power and how it handled.

After our rides, we went to Iggy's, downtown Salt Lake.  We love Iggy's! We stayed at the Residence Inn, Downtown. We got a movie to watch and just relaxed.  

Sunday morning, Jared, Nikelle and Blake and I braved the freezing weather and went to the Tabernacle for the broadcast.  Then, we headed back to the hotel to check out and head for home.  It was a fun little mini vacation.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Transformation Continues - Master Bedroom

Well, we have another room completed! I absolutely love the changes to our bedroom, it is so calm and peaceful.

I had been a long time since this room had been updated!

Once again, I went to Pinterest for some ideas, here's the picture I used for inspiration.
I love the tall baseboard, and the extended crown molding, and the paint color.

We moved our bed and all the furniture out on Sept. 15th. We put the bed in the small bedroom, it just barely fit!

Randy changed the size of the doorway into the closet, turns out to be a very good decision.  We had to remove all the wallpaper, that is really a difficult process.  We started this process on Sept 26th. My mom brought her little steamer, it worked pretty well, but just did a small area at a time. Blake rented a larger one and it worked better, he was very patient and finally got all the layers off.

Courtney came and helped strip the wallpaper. After the wallpaper was removed, Randy textured the walls. Then the Randy's and Blake started installing the crown molding.

Then, the painting began on Oct. 1st. I know the color is very similar to the wallpaper that was removed, but I love the color! It is a little darker, kind of a teal tint to it. It's a Behr paint called Blue Fox. The carpet was layed on Oct. 13th, and we moved our bed back in on Oct. 16th.  It was very nice to be out of the tiny bedroom. Blake and Randy got the barn door hardware for the closet door hung today, Nov. 13th! I love it!

Now for the after pictures!

I love the tall baseboard that is the same height as the heaters. Randy really had think hard to figure out how to put that all together to make it that tall. I also love the crown molding with the beadboard wallpaper, then the trim below it. I think it looks a lot like the the picture from Pinterest!

Because the bathroom door was moved over about 18 inches, the dresser and TV fit much better. 

I love the barn door idea for the closet door, much better than the bifold doors we had before.  And the closet seems bigger because Randy made the doorway smaller. I was able to hang all my necklaces on the new closet wall behind the door.  I love all the white doors. I am so pleased with this room, it is so peaceful and calm and functional too. Thank you, Randy for working your magic and helping make this room exactly what I wanted.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Another Announcement!

Randy and Courtney have made a terrific announcement! Baby coming June 4th 2015! Yay!!! So exciting!!!