Wednesday, November 9, 2016


The babies all seemed to have more than one costume for different events or reasons.  Molly was Supergirl when she went to an event at Snake River Landing, Ryder was Superboy when he went to "Tractor Treating" at the John Deere store.  Clark was going to be "Cluck the Duck", but it was too small for him.

Annie was the cutest Annie Oakley! Her boots even light up.

On the left, Maden is Raphael, the ninja turtle.   On the right, Brian is Raphael when he was about 8.  

Jared was Flynn Rider, Nikelle was Rapunzel and Molly was Pascal for their ward's Trunk or Treating.  

I just have to include this picture.  Jared is on the left when he was 18 months old.  Molly is on the right at 19 months.  Pretty incredible how much she looks like her dad.

More costumes: Molly being a cheerleader, Ryder being a skeleton, Clark a little farmer boy.

On Saturday, October 29th, we all went to Boo at the Zoo.  It was crazy busy, but the kids had a great time trick or treating and playing the games.

It was wonderful weather, and we all had a great time.

Molly went trick or treating to Grandma Great Purcell's house, she loved it when Grandma gave her candy.  Brian was Batdad when went we to Boo at the Zoo. Courtney wore a cute ghost Halloween shirt.  Blake and I went as Grandpa and Grandma.

Just some snapshots of more Halloween fun.  Maden and Annie had a great time trick or treating in their neighborhood.  Annie and Molly met up at the Library, and Molly wanted to ride on Annie's horse too.  

Annie's 4!

October 30, 2016

I can't believe Annie is 4! She is such a delightful, fun loving little girl.  Her smile and laugh are infectious. I absolutely love when she runs to me and gives me her special Annie hug!

We had a fun party with all the family and some friends.  She loved her "sticky doughnut cake".  I love that Maden wore his Halloween costume because I told him I loved it.  We love you Annie Girl.


October 22, 2016

We watched Maden, Annie and Clark again while their parents were hunting. Maden really wanted to go to an indoor trampoline park called IJump, so we figured out how to take them there.  We met Nikelle and Molly there too.

The kids loved it, even if they got knocked down a lot.  Maden joined in for some dodge ball.  

It was hard to get pictures that weren't blurry because the kids were moving so fast.  Molly loves Annie and they were so cute dancing on the tramps and falling in the foam blocks, then walking out to the car.

Birthday Celebration

October 16, 2016

Brian and Celia were kind enough to have a little birthday dinner for me at their new home on Sunday the day after my birthday.  The kids were not tired of celebrating and loved it all.

We had a great carrot cake and I love all the help to blow the candles out.  These babies all love their grandpa, and he loves them.  He spent the whole time with one, two or three of them in his arms.

Monday, November 7, 2016


We have had several occasions this year to "babysit" our grandkids. We love every minute we get to spend with these grand little people.

Brian and Celia took a little trip to Las Vegas for their anniversary, so we got to take care of Maden, Annie and Clark.  We had so much fun, making german pancakes, going to McDonald's, and just playing and playing. They were such good kids.  When it was time to pick Brian and Celia up at the airport, Maden and Annie were so excited to show their parents the posters they had made.

In June we got to tend Molly for a weekend while Jared and Nikelle went on a little get-a-way.  We went to a dog show, and to Pango Mango Frozen Yogurt.  We thoroughly enjoyed Molly and all her little antics. 

Then just a couple of weeks later, we got to have Molly again! We had so much fun. She is so full of life and is such a good little girl. Ryder came to visit and they had to play in the baby jumper, silly kids.

At the end of July, we got to have both Molly and Ryder for a weekend while their parents were camping.  It was definitely double the fun! What one wanted or was doing, the other wanted, especially if Grandpa was involved.  We laughed and laughed. I have a new respect for anyone who has had twins.  Luckily, they are both really good sleepers!

In August, Randy and Courtney went on a little Anniversary trip, so we got Ryder for a couple of days. He got to play games with Grandma Beth and I. We had a lot of fun! He loves stories and books.

During July, August and September, Brian and Celia played on a mixed doubles tennis league. So, Blake and I would go tend Maden, Annie and Clark while they played.  When the matches were at Tautphaus Park we took the kids to playground. Maden and Annie always found other kids to play with at the park. They loved it! Clark got really brave and would go down the slides by himself by September.  We also took them to Rita's one time, which is always a great treat.  

On October 1st, Nikelle and Courtney wanted to go antelope hunting with Jared and Randy, so they left Molly and Ryder with me! Yes, just me because Blake went hunting too! So, I called in my mom (Grandma Beth) to help! We had so much fun checking out the flowers, swinging and blowing bubbles.  

October 14 and 15 - Brian and Celia went hunting with Randy and Jared, so we got to have Maden, Annie and Clark again.  It just happens that my birthday is the 15th, so I had some great help celebrating.  We had some great fun activities.  We put candles in the muffins at breakfast.  The kids went to Walmart with grandpa, we made sugar cookies, carved and painted pumpkins.  Grandma Beth brought pizza and brownies for lunch, so we put candles in the brownies.  Ryder came to play and celebrate too.  Such a fun day. 

We tend Ryder 2 1/2 days each week during the school year.  He is so fun the tend, and he loves "Papa". Mowing the lawn is one of their favorite activities. He loves playing with tractors, reading stories, going to Walmart, making a tall tower with some stacking buckets. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

3 Months of Grandkids

July - September, 2016

Here are a few random pictures of our fun grandchildren.  Some I took, some their parents provided. They're not in any order.

The babies sure have grown. It's so fun to have them walking, trying to talk and turn into little people. Maden sure is a patient builder.

Spending a little time with Molly and Ryder.  Even Courtney got to hold Molly.

Ryder trying to play basketball from his walker, Molly thinks she's big at primary, hugs are the best, 4 wheeling fun, finding grandpa at Chuck-a-rama, making fun paper hats at the library.
Just some fun snapshots of summer fun.  

Fun on a little slide, going for walks in the stroller and at the zoo.
Two kids want to play trit, trot to Boston at the same time. Annie likes to make dough. Mowing lawn. Walking at a tennis match.  Kissing the mirror.  Eating a messy treat.
2 little boys reading with Grandpa. Ryder helping Brian drive.  Annie walking on a fence. Ryder riding the 4 wheeler. Clark grinning at the playground. Ryder mowing.
Annie loves riding bikes. Ryder's walking and mowing. Nikelle and Annie taking selfies. Ryder waving to people in Keslers. Ryder watching the tractor.
Ryder shopping at Home Depot. Celia and the kids on an adventure in Colorado. Maden and Annie playing with cousins Ryan and Samuel in the hot tub. Ryder sitting on the 4 wheeler with Grandma, and swinging with Grandpa. Annie got muddy and had to sit on the counter while the mess was cleaned up.
Maden, Annie and Clark with some slip 'n slide and hot tub fun.  Clark even smiles when he's locked in the house.
Celia brought the kids down on most Tuesdays during the summer.  We had fun at Jensen's Grove, played outside and downstairs, played games and watched movies.  It was great!
Smiley Clark sitting on the 4 wheeler. Ryder doesn't love sharing Grandpa. Ryder is happy to be visiting Billie. Celebrating Grandpa's 61st birthday.
Autumn fun!