Friday, June 11, 2010

Trim the tree(s)

Blake and Jared had the day off today, so they decided it was a good day to trim some of our trees.  The trees have grown so that they were in the way in the driveway, and it was difficult to mow under them. 

Here are a few of the limbs on the driveway.

Blake ran the chain saw and cut off limb after limb.

Jared's job was to load the trailer.  Yes, that is our trailer, we bought it a couple of weeks ago.  It worked very nicely to load the branches and take them to the dump, and I think it will work just as nicely to haul four wheelers and snow machines.

Mothers Day in June!

On Mothers Day, my kids told me that they had all gone together and got me something, but it hadn't come yet.  They told me that I had to keep wondering what it was.  Then, last week Brian brought 2 boxes and put them in my garage, saying that it was my mothers day present.  He said they would come back another day and install it.  I still had no idea what it was.  Brian, Randy and Jared had the day off Monday, so they came to install my present.

This is what I found when I walked into the kitchen.  I still wasn't sure what they were doing.

OH! NOW I GET IT!  Drawer shelves for my bottom cupboards!

The finished product!  Yay!  I love them!  Thanks Cindy & Ken, Brian & Celia, Randy & Courtney and Jared!  I love you!

More Maden

I bought a "jumper" for Maden to use at our house.  He seems to like it pretty good.

Isn't he just cute!  He's almost sitting by himself.

Maden has his own way of getting around.  He lays on his back and uses his head for a front "wheel" and pushes with his feet and scoots backwards.  He'll scoot a couple of times, then stop and look at you and wait for you to laugh at him, which of course we do!