Monday, March 22, 2010

Funny Story

Last Friday Randy and Courtney moved into a mobile home less than a mile from us.  We had helped them most of the day.  About 6:30 that evening after Blake, Jared and I were home, Courtney and Randy walked in to our house, Randy was holding a big wad of paper towel on his thumb.  (Cindy, read at your own risk!)  Apparently, Randy had cut his thumb with a box cutter.  He didn't know if it needed stitches and wanted Blake to look at it.  He was sitting at the table while Blake was inspecting it, he started looking really pale, almost gray. (I've seen that color many times on one of my children who shall remain nameless, except in above parenthesis!) We made him go lay down on the couch.  Blake decided that it would be ok to just super glue it shut, and needed to go get the glue and some other supplies.  Jared went to hold Randy's arm in the air.  Pretty soon, Jared is kneeling on the floor, so I take a closer look at him.  He is more pale and gray than Randy!  He laid down without anyone telling him!  He was so mad at himself!  So, here are these two boys that are both planning to go into medicine!  Oh, well, made for a funny story!