Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas, Parts 1 and 2

December 24-31, 2015

Christmas kind of got divided into two parts this year, which is great, because it lasted longer than one day!  Randy and Courtney spent Christmas with her family in California, and Cindy and Ken were coming on the 28th, so we decided we'd have 2 Christmases this year.  Disclaimer: I did not take a ton of pictures of some of the happenings, I guess I was living in the moment, not thinking of the future when I'd like to look back at pictures!

Christmas Eve: We spent the day in Idaho Falls going to Texas Roadhouse with Brian and Jared's families, then we went to Brian's house to watch the kids while Brian and Celia had a little day date.  Jared and Nikelle came to spend the night, so here's a picture of their Christmas jammies. Molly had a nap on Grandpa while we watched a movie.

Christmas Morning: Molly got to open her presents from us, her parents and Santa.  She is at a fun age, she gets excited about everything.  

Brian's family got here about 11:00.  We got some cute pictures in front of the tree. Molly was so excited to see more presents that Brian and Celia brought.  I didn't get any pictures of opening presents, it happened so quickly! We have two babies riding their new cars, just missing one Ryder!  I can't get enough of Clark's cuteness!

Before and after dinner some of them braved the freezing cold to go outside and shoot their new guns.  Even Maden took a turn to shoot one.

Christmas Part 2:
Cindy and Ken got here about 2:00pm on Monday the 28th.  Everyone except Jared and Blake came too.  After Blake and Jared got off work, we ate then opened some more presents.

The kids drew names, but some of them cheated and bought for more than their assigned names.  I don't think anyone complained about that.  This is the extent of the pictures I took of the gifts!

Tuesday, Dec 29: Everyone that wasn't working came again! We did a little craft project that we drew on ceramic mugs with oil based markers, then heated them in the oven to set the paint.  It was quite a "feet" getting Molly's foot traced!

Now we have all three riders!

These three are all dressed in their camo, ready to go hunting with their dads on their 4Wheelers!

After a great dinner of elk steak and sweet potato fries we played a fun game called 5 second rule. I didn't get pictures of all the games Cindy played with Maden and Annie, but they did play a lot of games!

On Wednesday, we went up to see Grandma Purcell, and to Brian's and Jared's houses.  We went to eat at a Mongolian grill, then to Kiwi Loco.  Somehow, I think it was bribery, Annie finally gave Ken a hug.  There was a lot of hugging babies going on all the time.  I didn't get a picture of Cindy with Molly either.

More pictures of these triplets.  They are getting so big!

Thank you Cindy and Ken for coming to the frozen tundra, it is the best present I could be given, to have all my kids here! We had a great extened Christmas!