Monday, August 13, 2012

Super Mantei's

Blake and I took another trip to see Cindy, Ken and Syd. We flew out of Boise (because it was the cheapest way!) and landed in South Bend, IN on August 1st and returned home on August 6th.

We flew through Minneapolis, Blake thought this bear was funny.

After we ate ate Silver Beach Pizza (the best pizza ever), we went to the beach so Syd and Ken could swim. Blake and Cindy took a little walk on the beach.

Then they threw a football for a little while.

We went to a Dutch Village in Holland, MI. Ken and Syd got to try out some wooden shoes. Look what the stork brought! The lawns and gardens were beautiful.

We went to Windmill Island, there was an authentic working windmill from Holland.

We did some experiments with Mentos and Coke. The Diet Coke with the Mentos taped together made the biggest geyser.

 We went and picked blackberries, because the blueberries and raspberries were all gone. Blake discovered that he liked blackberries!

We were there to celebrate Syd's 11th birthday.

The main reason we chose to go to Michigan when we did was because the Mantei's were participating as a team in a triathalon. The race was a quarter-mile lake swim, a 12.4-mile bike and a 3.4-mile run. The course began in Soldiers Memorial Park at the Stone Lake Beach House and wound through scenic La Porte County, IN. Syd did the swimming, Ken the biking and Cindy the running.

The Super Mantei's before the race.

Super Cheerleaders and picture takers ready for the race!

Top Left, Ken is giving Syd some last minute encouragement. She swam really fast, then hurried out of the water and ran to meet Ken so he could take off on the bike.

I couldn't get any pictures of the biking. This picture of Ken handing off the timing chip to Cindy so she can start running.

And she's off! She had to run around the lake, if we would have had some binoculars, we might have been able to see her on the other side of the lake. Ken tracked her with their IPhones and told us when she would be appearing around the bend. The bottom right picture is after she finished!

After the race, they all did really well and they are all still smiling!

Now, they are really smiling! They got 2nd place in the team division! Way to go Mantei's!

We went to Chicago because Syd wanted to spend her birthday money at the American Girl Store. She even had her doll's hair done. Then we went on a boat tour of the city.

It was a very fun trip and we loved being with Cindy, Ken and Syd. We watched a lot of Olympics with them. Thanks for such a good visit!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Elder Purcell

Jared hit the 14 month mark on July 25th! He was transferred to Mt. Vernon, IL on June 25th. He is doing great, he is healthy and feeling good. 

We had a phone call from a truck driver that had stopped for church in Mt. Vernon. He was calling to tell us how impressed he was with Jared. He thought he was an outstanding person and missionary in just the short time he was around him! We so much appreciated the phone call!

These pictures are all from Columbia, MO.

An Easter egg creation.

A new friend to talk to.

Latoya's baptism.

At a pretty waterfall.


Julia's baptism, with Elder Duke, Julia, Lena, Elder Purcell and Nora.

Lena's Baptism. Elder Duke, Lena, Bishop James, Elder Purcell. If you could zoom in to Jared's name tag, you would see it is in Russian. Lena is from Ukrane and speaks Russian, so Brian sent Jared his Russian name tag. Lena loved it!

At the capitol building, Jefferson City, MO.

Phillip the snake.

Elder Nerd, and Elder Nerd.

Elder Purcell, Brother Cobell (ward mission leader, from Pocatello), Elder Duke

Cobell children, Carter, Boston and Addy.

Elder Duke, Isaac, Sister James, Bishop James, Hannah, Elder Purcell

Schramm Family: Aubrey, Mallory, Brother Schramm, Chandler, Hayden

These two pictures were texted to me one evening. They are building this swing set for the Schramm Family. She told me she loves Jared and will be forever grateful for his example to her children, and for the service and good that happened in the Highlands Ward while he was serving there.

All the Schramm children, Elder Duke and Elder Purcell on the swing set they built.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

July 2012

July was great! Brian, Celia and Maden were here for 3 weeks. We had a great time! We loved having them here! Here are some highlights!

This picture is at the Worldmark near Bear Lake. Maden loves the water. We also went swimming at the Blackfoot pool, but didn't get any pictures.

Riding the lawn mower at Grandma- Great Purcell's house.

Playing on the slip and slide with Jackie and Ryan and Samuel.

Playing air hockey at the "Air Hockey House" aka Grandpa and Grandma Chambers house.

Blowing bubbles instead of doing fireworks on July 4th.

Loved this slide at Jensen's Grove.

Playing with letters.

Playing with Grandpa in the dirt.

Trying the climbing wall at Stoddard Elementary.

Traveling the USA at Stoddard Elementary.

Playing baseball.

Brian and Randy playing in a 3 on 3 tournament with Matt Stucki and Courtney's cousin Hayden at Jensen's Grove.

Playing in some tubs of water and eating ice cream on a hot day.

Reading lots of stories, this one Steffi gets to listen to also.

Fishing at Terry's pond. Maden caught the first fish, then he just wanted to practice casting.

Running in the sprinklers.

Playing in the hot tub.

Digging in the dirt while Grandpa played tennis.

Playing in the ice cream truck at the mall.

Making a hopscotch, then having Grandpa help jump it.

Brian and Blake playing tennis at Matsuura's courts.

At Tautphaus Park zoo.

The cow drop at Chik Fil A. Randy, Courtney and Brian all caught a cow. Maden was afraid of the cow.

Having fun with Courtney.

Helping Grandpa.

Having a nap on the couch instead of the bed.

Watching Grandpa and Randy play tennis.

Checking out the rims for Red.

Playing in the hot tub again, this time with Grandma.

Checking out the vehicles. 

Getting to know Grandpa Chin Chopper and Grandma Beth.

Swinging with Courtney. Grandpa was voted the best one for underdogs.