Saturday, May 30, 2009


May 29th marked another last in the Purcell family,Jared graduated from Blackfoot High School. The graduation was held at the Eastern Idaho State Fair Grounds. The weather turned out quite nice, I didn't even take a jacket.

Jared, modelling his cap and gown. (He's not too thrilled with wearing a "dress")
Here he comes walking in.

Standing in his spot as the rest of the class come in.

The sun was pretty bright for him.

Getting his long awaited diploma cover!

Walking back to his spot with the diploma cover he has worked so hard to get!

Proud parents! We are really proud of Jared, he is a really good kid.

Joseph and Jackie braved a long a boring ceremony to see Jared graduate. Thanks for coming!
Grandpa and Grandma endured sitting high up int the bleachers to see Jared graduate. They have made it to all four of our kids graduations! That is the one good thing about having it at the fairgrounds, more people can come.

Brian and Celia and Randy had a surprise for Jared when we got home. They mowed "WAY to GO JARED" in the grass. It was pretty clever!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


It's time to plant the garden!

Blake borrowed a tractor with a rotovater and made quick work of tilling up the dirt!
He felt like a real farmer.

Two observers.

It did a good job, nice soft dirt.

He got pretty close to the house.

Randy visiting Poky while the garden is getting tilled up.

Now it's time to make rows. Randy got to drive first because he missed this the last two years.

Jared actually got two turns too because he'll miss it the next two years. (I didn't get a good picture of Jared driving.)

Blake and Randy carrying the "rowmaker" to the top of the garden.

Now they have to flatten the tops of the rows to get it ready to plant.

Jared planting onions.

Randy planting onions. We only planted onions, zinnias, corn and tomatoes.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

State Tennis

Well, we have had our last state sporting event. It went pretty good. Jared and Megan played really well. Their first match was against Moscow, and they won 6-0, 6-1.

The matches were played in the Boise Racquet and Swim club, it is a very nice facility with about 12 outdoor and 12 indoor courts.
Brian got to have his official coaching badge again.

Their 3rd and 4th matches were played outside. It was very nice weather. They lost to Century 5-7, 2-6.
They played a team from Skyview next, and won 6-4, 6-1

Having a word at the fence with their coach.

Their last match Saturday was against Emmett, it was a little too much like last year. We had to end the tournament with a loss to them, 6-2, 6-7, 2-6. They have nothing to be ashamed of, they played extremely well.

Randy got home!!!, well, to Boise

We were able to have Randy fly into Boise because we were there to watch Jared play in the State Tennis Tournament. It worked out absolutely perfect, he came in between Jared's matches. Jared's partner Megan and her mom Tammy came to the airport so they could take him back to the next match, so they kindly took pictures for us! Thank you so much! I cannot describe the feelings I have as I wait for my boys to walk off the plane! I have never felt so much joy as when I get my first glimpse of them! The only thing I can think of is "heavenly" . Randy looked so confident and grown up as he walked toward us. I love you Randy! We all dressed up in our "Randall" shirts that we made when he was playing basketball. Grandpa's shirt was changed from "GO" to "Way to go". Here he comes!!!

Oh, that feels wonderful!!!


This is why Cindy came early!

I needed more hugs!

Now the picture is complete!

Cindy came!!!

The weekend really started on Wednesday last week! Cindy flew in so she could be part of all the fun!
I had to take a picture of her coming off the plane!
She tied yellow ribbons around everything she could find, before we left for Boise on Thursday.

Even Poke and baby!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

State Tennis, Here we come!!!!

This year it was very important for Jared to make it to State Tennis! Randy comes home on May 15th and he is flying into Boise, because state tennis starts on May 15th! Cindy is also coming to see Randy come home, but she was also excited to see some state tennis. I'm sure Jared felt a lot of pressure to make it to state! He plays mixed doubles with Megan Dalley and they ended the regular season right at 500. District tournament started yesterday, and what ever happened in the season didn't matter any more, only what happened in the next few matches.

They ended up getting a really tough opening match against the Hillcrest #2 mixed team, and lost! Now things are getting really scary! Now the best they can do is 3rd place, which still goes to state, but they have to win 3 more matches.
Their next match was against the #2 Bonneville team. Jared and Megan started out like a steamroller and were up 2-0 when the heavens opened and it poured, and hailed and poured some more. We all ran for the car and were soaked to the bone by the time we got there!

They moved the matches to Apple Tennis Club, but we had to wait a long time to get on court. They were able to finish out the match 6-0, 6-0! Only 2 more matches to go!
The last match was against Rigby. We knew it would be a fight, there has kind of developed some bad blood between Jared and Megan and John & Lisa from Rigby. Jared and Megan played extremely well again and were able to pull it off!!! They won 6-4, 6-4 so it was tight, but they did it! Way to go! I am so proud of you! Boise here we Come!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Jared's last Prom was tonight. He planned to have dinner here, there were supposed to be 4 couples, then it turned into 5, then 6, then 7 and last night it turned into 8 couples! 16 people to feed and sit, half of them with huge dresses. We had to get a table and some chairs from the church. I had to use paper, because I don't have service for 16! It turned out ok, the kids were all really nice and polite. I fixed sweet and sour chicken, and the boys brought rice, beans, rolls, salads and dessert.

Here is our table set for 8.
Here's the table from the church, set for 8.

Jared and Danae Pierson

I don't know all the kids real well, let's see if I can remember names... L-R Curtis & Ashley, Logan & Valerie, Colby & Marin, Nate (of course being weird) & Alicia, Jace & Danielle, David? & Sarah, Jared & Danae, Jake & Stephanie.

Now they are being a little goofy, and they got mixed up! Curtis & Ashley, Colby (he's from IF) & Marin, Logan & Valerie, Jace & Danielle, Jake & Stephanie (she's from Snake River), Jared and Danae, Nate & Alicia, David? (I think that's what he told me) & Sarah

Jake wanted to be tall in the pictures, this is the only way he could be tall, then Jared stood next to him and he still wasn't tall. Curtis, Colby, Logan, Jace, Jake, Jared, Nate, David