Wednesday, February 21, 2018

January 2018

On New Year's Day, some of us decided to go to Fat Cat's in Rexburg.  It was a pretty busy place, so they couldn't bowl, but they had fun in the arcade.

Molly and Ryder think they are as big as their parents and can do anything they do.  

We went to Blake's Aunt Ilene's funeral, then to Chuck A Rama afterward.  Blake and Merralee got Helen 3 plates at the same time.  She felt silly with all 3 plates in front of her, but she ended up eating most of it.

Ryder loved helping to make banana bread.  Annie and Clark like Grandpa to read them a story.  Annie loved her magic trick she learned from her kiwi crate. I loved hearing her laugh.  Ryder stayed over a for a weekend and had to have some stories before church.  Clark liked painting his mat that came with his cricket crate, Annie liked it too.  Ryder enjoyed painting on his cricket crate mat too.

We celebrated Nikelle's 26th birthday on the 13th, since she was at her Grandma's funeral on her birthday on the 6th.  All the kids like the cake time.

Randy and Ryder set up the Magic Track to try out the new cars for it.  Ryder loves to watch the cars go up and down the hills, and through the tunnel.

Molly loved her xylophone, tambourine, and dancing flag that we made from her Koala crate.

We took Ryder bowling with Brian, Annie and Clark.  Once, Ryder got the idea that he had to take turns, he really liked it.  Annie and Clark love it too.

It was a fun day.

We went to the Ag Expo in Pocatello.  Ryder liked getting in the big bucket of the loader and standing on the huge wheel of the tractor, and eating popcorn.

January 19 was Grandma Purcell's (Helen) 92nd birthday.  She's living with Merralee now, so there was soup and cake at her house.  

Fun at Texas Roadhouse, Ryder and Molly were both watching videos on their parents phones.  Annie lost her first tooth! Ryder and Molly love to play together.  Ryder and Grandpa playing with the Tony the Tiger truck.

Maden's playing basketball again.  It's still quite entertaining to watch, but Maden has improved a lot.  He makes quite a few baskets, and he's very good on defense.  Molly and Clark and Annie are his best cheerleaders.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

December 2017

I love this picture of the Idaho Falls Temple taken by Josh Packer.  I love the temple and the feeling of peace that comes as soon as you drive into the parking lot.  Blake has spent a lot time in the early mornings in this building since it reopened in June.  He has been successful in seeing that hundreds of people have got their work done.  I have been able to go at least once a week, and sometimes more often thanks in part to Blake being willing to watch Ryder while I go.  It has been an immense blessing to us to be able to go so often.

December 2nd - I got to spend some time with Maden, Annie and Clark, we made some ornaments out of pipe cleaners and beads.  Then when Nikelle and Molly came, they made some too.

I love how these little cousins love to be with each other.

Clark thinks he's funny to climb on the stool just like the big kids.  Maden turned 8! (How did that even happen?) Ryder loves to play games with me on the IPad.  All the kids love Jared!

December 9 - Since Maden's birthday is on the 5th, and Jared's on the 11th, we celebrated them together on the 9th.  Maden turned 8 and Jared turned 27! They broke the wishbone from the turkey, it was as close to a tie as is possible.  We had a great lunch and cakes.

Then they opened presents, then had a bingo tournament with Grandpa Chin Chopper or Grandpa Paul as the bingo caller.

Maden took the kids for a spin on the sled.  Clark only wanted to ride behind Maden, Molly loved the sled from the start and Ryder decided he liked it pretty well too.

Later on, Jared and Randy took Molly and Ryder shopping, they thought the Mickey and Minnie cars were great!  Jared and Randy were so excited to find some little trucks and trailers like they had when they were little boys.

Annie had fun with the activity from the Kiwi Crate.  Blake and Ryder are playing a game with a car on the table.  Clark loved pushing this wheeled tub around.  Randy and Courtney joined Grandma Beth and I for fun game of Phase 10.  Ryder thinks he plays cards with us too.

Ryder got to help plow the snow for the first time.  He thought it was funny.  He talked the whole time about what they were doing.  Thank goodness he hasn't had as many chances to plow this year as he could have last year.

December 17 - We went to the Live Nativity at Jensen's Grove.  It was cold, and a long wait in the line, but it was also fun.  Blake took Molly and Ryder in the shelter by the fire to listen to the singers for a little while, the rest of us just stood outside waiting.  

Here we are finally all on the wagon.  It was a very nice depiction of the 1st Christmas, the birth of our Savior.  

December 23 - Blake and I tended Molly and Ryder while their parents went on a little snow machine excursion.  What one of these little people does, the other one has to do too.  So, when I fix Molly's hair, Ryder has to sit up on the stool too.  If one has juice, the the other does too.  If one is playing with a pillow, the other plays with a pillow too. If one sits in the chair, the other one does too.  It's a good thing they're good kids, because their grandpa had a good nap while he was in charge of them.  Nikelle and Courtney ended having to ride together on one snow machine because one got broken, but they said it was a fun trip anyway.  

December 24 - Clark got a fun new crane!  Brian's family came to spend Christmas Eve with us.  Maden had a fun time making a domino structure.  Clark and Ryder liked eating cheetos and watching Mickey Mouse.

Christmas! Molly woke up to a lot of lute from her parents and Santa! Annie wanted to watch me put my on makeup and get a little on her face too.  After the traditional monkey bread breakfast, we opened lots of presents.  

The kids were excited for me to open my huge round present.  It is a swing for them to use this summer! 

Still opening presents, while FaceTiming with Cindy and Ken.  

Annie loves her Rainbow little pony jacket, Ryder got a "Ryder" truck, Courtney got a soft blanket that's big enough to cover her whole body.  Molly is helping Annie get her gloves on so they can go outside. 

Annie loves the tree swing, even in the cold and snow.  She and Molly had a great time having Jared pull them on the sled behind the 4Wheeler.  All the big kids including Maden and and Annie went to Courtney's school to play a little basketball, Ryder, Molly and Clark got to stay home with Grandpa and Grandma.  

Maden lost another tooth! Molly got to stay here because Nikelle had to have her Gallbladder out.  I took her to Tracy's and we both got our haircut.  She was a very good girl.

December 29 - We took the Christmas decorations down.  Thanks to Courtney, Ryder, Jared, Nikelle and Molly, it went really fast! Ryder and Molly helped do the dishes too.  Molly loves to dance, she can really shake her bootie! But she loves to dance with her daddy most of all.

December 30 - Chambers Family Party.  We had a little holiday party at the Groveland Church while some of the Chambers Clan were in town.  The big kids had fun playing a little basketball, and the little kids even had a game.  Annie was thrilled when Matt lifted her up so she could dunk it.

There was a lot of games played!

The little kids had fun with spike ball, and sweeping, and finding different places to sit.  Ryan was such a good helper pushing Molly on Ava's scooter.

New Year's Eve - We had an early countdown for Molly and Ryder before they went to bed. Then some watched a movie, and some played some games.  Blake and Jared went to sleep before midnight, Blake woke up just as I snapped this picture at 11:58.  

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

November 2017

The first weekend in November found Randy and Jared going hunting, so Courtney, Ryder, Nikelle, Molly, Blake and I loaded up and went to Meridian.  We stayed in a hotel, swam in the pool, played on the stairs, in the halls and in the elevator.  Nikelle was able to go see her Grandma, and she and Courtney went to the Meridian Temple Open House.  It was kind of a fast trip, but it was a fun one.

I love these pictures of Clark, he had a blast playing with the magic track.

November 11 -- The guys went hunting again, the girls went to a baby shower, so I got to spend some time with these grand little ones.  They watched Mickey Mouse, played a silly game running a car on the table to each other.  We ordered pizza, and they all ate really good. Annie, Molly and Clark even got a little painting in.  It was a fun day.

Sunday, November 12 --  Sunday dinner with everyone.  It was nice enough that Annie could go swing, Grandpa read stories to Molly, Annie and Clark.  Clark and Molly got their toe nails clipped, and there was a fun game of Uno.

November 13 - Ryder got to go see Grandma Great and ride on her machine, then he got to go to Sam's Club, he took real good care of the paper plates.

Brian made raisin pie from scratch! That's a great accomplishment!

November 16 - 19 -- We got to have Molly come stay with us while her mom (and dad) were busy with the Miss Bonneville pageant. We had a lot of fun reading stories, getting stuck in the chair, fixing our hair, watching Minnie on the IPad while Grandma watched the Jazz.  Ryder came to play, and they had fun playing in the leaves at Aunt Merralee's, riding in the car cart at Keslers and playing with the toys.  They are so funny, if one does something, the other does too, everything has to be equal.

Brian, Celia and the kids flew to Michigan to be with Cindy and Ken for Thanksgiving.  Here are a few of the pictures they sent of their trip.  Clark liked the cats, but not all the cats liked him.  Maden and Annie loved walking Ruckus. They all love story time with Cindy, and taking the cans and bottles in to get the refund.

November 23, Thanksgiving
With Brian's family gone and Randy working, we decided we would have Thanksgiving on Friday.  

It was a very nice warm day (for November) so Jared and Nikelle and Molly had a nice time visiting Brody at the cemetery.  I love the pictures, they turned out really well, especially the light flooding down on Nikelle.  They also visited Grandpa Mark and Uncle Terry's graves, this picture is way cool with both of their headstones.  

Blake and I and my parents, Paul and Beth Chambers decided to go to Fort Hall and have Thanksgiving dinner with the Indians, haha.  They have a wonderful buffet, it was really quite amazing, tons of good food, with lots of variety.  

Later in the afternoon, Jared, Nikelle and Molly came down to spend the night.  There was more story time and playing with Ryder.  Grandpa had a nap with Ryder's Mickey blanket, and Jared taught Molly all about playing with trucks and trailers.

Friday morning, Blake, Jared and Randy put together this fun little table, when they were noisy with their drill, Ryder and Molly would cover their eyes instead of the ears. The table is just right for them, with room for Clark too.

Ryder had to have his hair fixed just like Molly.  

They made a trip to Walmart, Molly and Ryder both got new Minnie and Mickey blankets.

Here's the Thanksgiving dinner spread.  It was a good dinner!

Brian and Celia got their Christmas Tree put up before they left for Michigan, Randy and Courtney got theirs up before Thanksgiving.  They helped get mine up after dinner on our Friday Thanksgiving.  I appreciated the help very much!  Jared and Nikelle got theirs up the next weekend.  The grand littles all love the Christmas Trees.  I love that my wonderful fireplace mantle fits all 17 stockings, with room for more!

Just some cute pictures --- Molly loves her Minnie dress! Annie and Clark just like hanging around at Maden's basketball practice. Ryder's got some wild curls going on when his hair is longer.  He thinks he's playing cards with Grandma Beth and I, but really he's just throwing them on the floor.  Jared, Nikelle and Molly found Olaf!