Thursday, July 20, 2017

June 2017

I've already posted about our trip to the Cayman Island, and about our precious Brody, so this post is the rest of June happenings. 

June 3rd - A little excursion to Jensen's Grove with the boat.  Randy and Jared love water skiing, Ryder and Molly like going fast and watching their daddies.

June 13 - Trip to Lava Hot Springs.  It just happened on a Tuesday that Blake, Brian and Randy all had the day off.  We decided to take a ride to Lava, we thought we were going to go the splash park and kid pool, but it didn't open until noon, so we just went over to the hot pools.  It was a chilly, rainy day but we had a great time anyway. Poor Jared was the only one working that day, we missed him. 

June 17th - Celebrated Clark's 2nd birthday.  His birthday is on the 18th, but we celebrated on the 17th, he didn't seem to care.  He loved the new cars, trucks and tractors that he got.  

Other happenings on the 17th - riding Grandma Great's scooter, fixing a ramp at her house, riding the little 4wheeler around the yard, all boys wearing red shirts, wearing a helmet just in case you go on the 4wheeler, and roasting marshmallows.

While we were outside a dog named Norman came to visit.  We found out later that he was a neighbors dog and got away from them.  He was such a nice little dog.  Clark and Annie loved him, Clark chased him, Annie held him. Molly wasn't so sure about him, but brought him a drink.

June 30 - Cindy and Ken surprised us by showing up! Blake and I were eating at Texas Roadhouse when I got a call that said "home".  When I answered, Cindy said "where are you?" We hurried and ate and came home.  She sent a group text with the picture on the top left and said who wants to come and play?  Within two hours all the boys were there.  It was great impromptu reunion.  They brought some surprises for the kids, so we had to play with their toys and games.  Such a fun, happy surprise.

We went outside and blew some bubbles.

The littles rode the trike.

Jared helped the little ones climb the tree, and Cindy tried to get to know them better.  Clark wasn't sure about it, and wouldn't take a turn being lifted up, but Molly and Ryder loved it.

Annie and Molly love playing together, and everyone loves being with Grandpa.  Dallin and Kayleen and Ryan and Samuel Leifson came to visit and had fun playing with the kids.

Cindy took care of her brothers eye brows for them, my sister Lynne and brother in law were here to visit too, we just visited and played.  It was a great evening.

Dallin brought his spike ball game and it was a hit.  

Maden played machine pitch baseball this year.  They played at the beautiful Iona Park.  I missed the 1st two games because I was at the Cayman's .  I went to the rest of the games to watch Annie and Clark while Celia coached.  Clark didn't like to leave Celia the first couple of times I was there, so I thought hard and finally decided to take my trike and coax him to me with it.  It worked like a charm, by the end he would come running when he saw me with the trike.

The first game I went to was so cold! Courtney even had to wrap up in a blanket!
Maden got some pretty good hits, he has really improved since last year.

They played all the positions, changing every 2 innings.  This was the only time I saw Maden play catcher. Annie, Molly, Clark and Ryder had a great time playing in the park.  They loved running down this little hill.

Annie is so cute with Molly, taking her hand and helping her get up on the playground equipment.  One game had a rain delay, Maden came and sat by me and said, "I'm a little annoyed with the rain." Then the rain stopped and they played in the mud. Clark and Molly loved dragging Annie around.

Cindy and Ken even got to see one game and they bought us a snow cone! I only got this one picture of Celia coaching. Grandpa even made it to the last game. It was a fun baseball season!

Now for some randomness.  Just some everyday activities.
Molly at the splash pad, Clark roasting a marshmallow, Ryder mowing the grass, Super Annie, Nikelle and Ryder taking a selfie, Ryder in his firetruck.

Clark and Annie playing with some magnets, Clark swinging, Ryder helping Grandpa pick up pine cones, Cute Clark jumping with some birthday balloons, Maden, Annie, Ryder and Molly watching Mickey Mouse while they eat, Ryder laughing at the cars on the track.

Celia and the kids watching the sunset on the longest day of the year, Ryder helping Grandpa mow, Ryder and Grandpa meeting Sage the big dog, Annie and Maden painting hot rocks with crayons.

Ryder helping get the boat ready, putting a pine cone in his truck, Brian, Maden and Annie on the boat, Randy helping Annie ride her little 4wheeler.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Brody John Purcell

Our 6th grandchild, Brody John Purcell, son of Jared and Nikelle and little brother to Molly was silently born Friday, June 23.  He was perfect and beautiful. 

Nikelle felt that something was not right on Thursday morning and went to the Doctor's office where they could not find a heart beat, and did an ultrasound and confirmed that little Brody had passed on.  Nikelle called me about noon and told me the unbelievable news.  She was 37 weeks along.  Blake happened to be off work that day, so we headed for Idaho Falls to be with Jared and Nikelle.  There were many tears shed, and hugs given.  Blake and Jared gave Nikelle a blessing and soon after, I could feel a peace enter their home.  Nikelle says as the afternoon went on, she felt like she had a blanket wrapped around her shoulders.  She was still scared, but felt calm and peaceful.  Soon, Brian came, then Randy, Courtney and Ryder.  Blake, Randy and Brian gave Jared a blessing, and the feeling of peace just increased.  Celia, Maden, Annie and Clark came soon too, we all just needed to be together and be as supportive as possible.  

Jared and Nikelle left for the Mountain View Hospital at about 6:15.  They asked for me to come to the hospital after they were all situated in the room.  I got there about 8:00pm and they were just putting her epidural in.  There were many little and some large tender mercies that night, I am sure they were not coincidences.  The staff at the hospital was so kind and respectful, the epidural worked great and was a wonderful blessing for Nikelle. Her nurse was amazing, so sweet and kind.  As the night progressed, she told Nikelle that she had gone through a similar ordeal and that is why she went into nursing because her nurse had made all the difference. Nikelle's parents live in New Hampshire and when Nikelle called her mom to tell the sad news, her parents were 10 minutes away from the Boston Airport, taking some friends to catch a plane to Salt Lake.  Lori was able to get on the flight with with their friends and got to the hospital about 1 hour before the delivery. 

As things progressed and the delivery would be soon, Lori and I left the room.  The delivery went really smoothly and Nikelle said she was calm and peaceful. He was born about 2:30am.  The staff told them to take as much time with Brody as they needed. Lori went in to see the baby and I waited for Blake.  Blake had gone and slept at his mothers for a while. When he came, we went in to see Brody and Jared and Nikelle.  He was 6lbs 9oz and perfect.  I knew when I held him that I was holding an angel.  There was no doubt in my mind that this was just his body, and that his spirit is living and he is where he should be, it was a very sacred experience.  After awhile, Randy and Courtney came, then they went back to stay with all the kids and Brian and Celia came. We were all sad, but all felt the peace in the room, I don't even know how to describe it.

I am so thankful that we have some pictures to help us remember Brody.  We now have one grandchild that did not have to be tried and tested, he just needed to get a body.  I know that he waiting for us to join him!

All I could do was tell Brody that I love him and to prepare the way for us.  Blake had to work at Mountain View that morning, so came one last time before he started work.

A sweet photographer came and took some precious pictures.  

They did an autopsy and determined that his cord had been twisted so much that it wouldn't let the blood and poisons leave his body. Jared and Nikelle have been so strong and have such faith that Brody only needed to get a body, and he did that and now is living on and waiting for them to join him.

The next step was planning a graveside service.  We would have liked to have had it Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon, but due to some things out of our control, it was decided that it would be held on Saturday, July 1st.  That turned out to be another blessing because Cindy and Ken surprised us by showing up at our house on Friday.

It was a beautiful service and so many many people came to support Jared, Nikelle and Molly.

I am so grateful for my knowledge that this family is forever!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Grand Cayman Trip

Way back last October we started planning a trip to Grand Cayman for Blake to do a Continuing Medical Education Seminar and to meet Cindy and Ken there.  It seemed like it would never come! We bought the plane tickets, and paid for the seminar way back in November.  Cindy and Ken have been there twice before and have access to a beautiful condo through Ken's boss, we were able to stay in the condo for free! Finally after what seemed like forever, June  4th arrived and we were on our way!

The map on the left is from my photo app on my phone, showing where the picture was taken.  I really didn't know where Grand Cayman was until we started planning this trip.  The map on the right shows where on the island we were staying.  We stayed in the beautiful Ritz Carlton and it was right on the beach!

Cindy and Ken arrived on the island about 2 hours before we did.  After a nice dinner in a great little restaurant we walked out onto the beach and saw this beautiful sunset.  It was breathtaking!

These are some beautiful photos taken from our 4th floor balcony in our Condo. We watched cruise ships come and go in the beautiful turquoise water.  The resort is absolutely beautiful, inside and out.  The last picture on the bottom right was taken from the 7th floor. The palm trees are getting in the way on 4th floor.  The center picture was taken on our last night on the beach.

There are lizards and geckos all over the island, they say they are the islands version of squirrels.  There were some big, and some tiny, some bright green and some brown.  There were also crabs, big, little, and a variety of colors.  There were also chickens and roosters roaming all over the island.

Grand Cayman is a British Island, so the steering wheel is on the right side of the car, and they drive on left side of the road.  I didn't ever get used to it! The traffic circles were the worst! I'm so glad Ken did all the driving, and he did a great job!  The top right picture is a sand wheelchair Blake thought was funny with its big tires.  I feel so bad that I didn't take many pictures inside the beautiful condo, it was just simply amazing.  Here's the only 2 I took! Blake is eating some chips in the beautiful kitchen.  Funny story about the bottom right picture; Blake turned the TV on for the first time and it was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which we watch all the time with Ryder at home.

Top left: Cindy and Blake by a palm tree. Bottom left: Beautiful orange tree that were all over the island. Center top: 2 of 6 lobsters from Blake's all you can eat lobster dinner.  Center bottom: Beautiful setting for a great meal.  Right: Interesting beach with all the rocks, such a contrast from the soft sandy beach at the resort.

We spent a lot of time on the beach.  Blake had class on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from 7-1.  Cindy and Ken went to Crossfit while he was gone, I got to go for walks and just hang out in the condo.  When they got back we would head out to the beach.  Top: First time on the beach just before the wonderful sunset. Bottom left: I had to get a picture of Blake ready to go out to the beach.  Sandals are not his usual attire! Center bottom: These great floaters are anchored out in the water. Right bottom: I can't even describe how soft and wonderful this sand feels on your toes, I've never felt sand like this anywhere.

Here we are hanging out on the beach.  I called these canopies that cover the beach chairs, covered wagons.  They were amazing though.  We had to put towels on our legs to avoid sunburn after awhile though.  The only way to cool down from the sun and humidity was to take a little dip in the beautiful water.

Blake didn't have class on Wednesday, so we took a little cruise out into the ocean.  The first stop was for a little bit of snorkeling.  The water was pretty choppy, but they said it was beautiful.  I just can't get over the beautiful turquoise water.

The next stop was Stingray city.  It's quite amazing that all of a sudden there is a sandbar, and Stingrays live there.  We didn't really get a good picture of the stingrays, but we touched a couple.  If you look closely, you can see them in the water.

The last stop was looking for starfish.  They saw a few, but not very many.  It was a beautiful little location.

Thursday afternoon we drove out to a Turtle Farm.  It was quite interesting.  There were some huge ones, some medium sized ones, some smaller ones and some eggs.  

Ken, Cindy and Blake picked one up and held it, but I was happy just to take pictures and look at them.  

On our last night there, I wanted to take some pictures on the beach.  We did one of the four of us with the timer on Ken's phone.  Cindy and Blake matched colors so nicely.

Some of the shots of Cindy and Ken, it was hard to quit taking pictures because of the beautiful surroundings, I kept wanting another from another angle.  I think these turned out really nice. Thanks for putting up with me and my picture taking obsession.

This was our 39th Wedding Anniversary! 39 years seem to have flown by when I think back.  Just like this little trip to the Cayman flew by way to fast. Thanks Cindy and Ken for the fun adventures!

Friday, June 16, 2017

"May"hem 2017

Just a few memories we made in May!

 Ryder fixated on the TV and Mickey Mouse, then checking out all the tulips.

 Molly checking out her shadow and new little seat.  Jared's taking Clark and Molly for a little spin on the trike.

Blake and I and Ryder visited the John Deere expo at Jensen's Grove.  Ryder had a blast splashing the pop cans in the bucket of the tractor.

May 5 - Blake and I took a little trip over to Twin Falls, we went to the temple then to see Shoshone Falls. It was amazing! So much water coming over the falls!

 May 6 - I can't believe I'm posting this picture! While the guys were out at the Lavas shooting guns, they found this snake! They ended up killing it, but not before getting some pictures.  Molly and Ryder loved splashing in the hot tub.

May 6 & 7 - We celebrated Randy's birthday on the 6th with hamburgers and a few presents. Since we didn't have a cake, we put a candle in a Ding Dong.  Ryder loved the cake and candles on his actual birthday.  (He turned the big 29!)

 Ryder's trying out the slide, throwing rocks in to the lake, helping Grandpa mow Grandma Great's lawn, and finishing off Grandpa's pop.

Maden, Annie and Clark are enjoying a picnic under their big umbrella and roasting marshmallows in their fire pit.  This is such a nice picture of Blake's mother, Helen with some beautiful flowers she got for Mother's Day.  Molly was a big girl and threw away her binky. She and Jared are standing by the bear at Black Bear Diner, and Molly is all dressed up and ready to go the Temple Open House.

Maden got to go fishing for a field trip in school, then he was dressed up like a teacher.  Annie had a great time flying the little kite we made.  She loves taking pictures and took this close up of me.

 May 20 - We celebrated Ryder's 2nd birthday! He had a lot of family and friends there to wish him a happy birthday!

Molly wanted to climb a tree when she saw Annie doing it. Clark, Annie and Maden trying out the cool Muana sand box Celia made. After Ryder's party, Clark and Molly were pretending to drive my car, so Maden and Annie climbed in for the ride.  I was still fixing buttons and turning things off and on for days. Annie brought her skate board and tried it out on our driveway.  She did really well for her first time.  Clark loved sitting on it and going down the slight slope of the driveway.  

Jared, Blake, Brian, Maden and Annie took the boat out for a little spin and some fishing.

May 23 - Ryder's real birthday.  I put 2 candles in his yogurt at breakfast, then bought some little cupcakes for candles at lunch.  He loved playing with the new cars, there is even a truck like his dads.

Jared, Nikelle and Molly went on a little camping trip, they took the trike and went for a walk. They said it was very green and beautiful.  Ryder got to touch a lobster at Red Lobster.  We were surprised he would touch it.  Brian had a tennis match, and Celia and Maden had baseball practice, so I went to tend Clark, he wasn't thrilled that I was there and wouldn't come any closer than the hall.  The tennis match was chilly, so Annie was all wrapped up in a blanket.  It was fun to watch Brian play tennis again.

 May 27 - We took a little trip to Yellowstone Bear World. We had to take our pictures in front of The Bear. Molly loved being free from her car seat and roaming around to everyone's laps.  The bears were pretty active.
 We went to the petting zoo, Ryder loved it, Molly did not! The goat loved Blake's food.  
Ryder and Molly loved the little rides.  They went on the train and the bumpy cars.  

Before Bear World, Blake, Randy, Brian and Annie went to Blacktail Reservoir for a little fishing time. After Bear World, Randy and Blake went to help Jared do some wiring, and Molly and Ryder had fun with some bubbles. 

Sunday May 28 - Brian's family came for dinner, Maden loves to play games, so Grandma Beth and I played with him.  Ryder and Clark played with tractors and Annie chilled in the little chair.

Memorial Day - We went to the Ammon Cemetery, Molly and Ryder loved playing around and looking at the headstones. 

Brian and Celia hosted a BBQ and combined it with a congratulatory celebration for Jared finishing school and passing his test.  He is now a Journeyman Electrician! Celia made this cute cake for the occasion.

After we ate, and the babies napped, then they had a great time jumping on the tramps.  They were pretty funny to watch, Clark is a good little experienced jumper, Molly and Ryder spent more time falling down, but they still giggled and loved it.

Jared, Randy, Brian, Maden and Annie took the boat back out to Blacktail.  Annie got tired and took a nap on the boat.  Blake took his mother and sat on the dock with her. She loved it, it was a good little outing for her.