Saturday, July 14, 2018

June 2018

June was a busy month for us.  We started the month off by going to Annie's T-Ball games and Maden's Machine pitch games.  The T-Ball games were hilarious.  This is Annie in her very first game, it just happened to be at the same time as Maden's, so I took Annie to her game so Celia could coach Maden's team.

The triplets had a great time running and playing during the game.  Celia and Maden came after Maden's game, Brian got there for the end of Annie's game, everyone enjoyed a snow cone.

Blake and I took a fast little trip to see Cindy and Ken for 3 days in June.  Blake and Ruckus met for the first time. Their new home is really nice. All the cats came and found Blake at one time or another.  Cindy and her dad both have to snuggle in a blanket if there's air conditioning on.

We went for a ride on the Saugatuck Dune Rides, that's always a fun little excursion.  We hid (or I should say Ken hid) some "Brody Rocks" up on the top of the sand dune.

Later, after enjoying some great Pizza at Silver Beach Pizza, we played some entertaining games. Yes, those are little tiny pigs we were playing with.

Saturday, June 9th we watched Ken and Cindy and a couple of friends do a crossfit workout in their garage, lets just say that I would be dead if I did what they do.  Then we took the cans and bottles back to get the refund, that's always one of Blake's favorite activities.  We took a drive down to the beach and were amazed at how little beach there is. We are not sure why the water has risen so much in Lake Michigan.

Blake and I celebrated our 40th Anniversary on Saturday, June 9th.  Cindy and Ken treated us to dinner at the Bread Bar.  That makes two years in a row that we've celebrated our anniversary with Cindy and Ken. 

All too soon, our little holiday with the Mantei's came to an end.  Blake had to hug on the dogs for a bit before we could leave.

Then it was back home to more ballgames.  Molly and Clark have a great time running and playing.  If you look close, you'll notice Annie is wearing a little bit of unconventional baseball footwear.

We made it to some of Maden's game that day too.  I wasn't as good at getting pictures of Maden as I was Annie.  The fence made it harder.  But, I did get some cute pictures of these cute triplets.

Another day, and two more ballgames. Made for very entertaining days.

We got to have Molly overnight while Nikelle went to Logan, and Jared was working.  I had fun curling her hair.

On Saturday, we took Molly and Ryder to a Jump place in the Pineridge Mall in Pocatello.  They had a blast, and ran from one jump thing to the next.  Molly was brave from the minute we walked in, ad she was able to help Ryder become brave too.

We came back to Blackfoot, went to Cal's, Rupes, Keslers, and Jensen's Grove.  They posed so cute for the picture in front of the pretty flowers.

On Monday, June 18th, this little Clark turned 3!

We celebrated Clark with a Pizza party, presents and the ultimate Krispy Kreme Donut cake.  Love you Clark!

June 19 found Blake, Randy and Ryder fishing at Ryder Park in Idaho Falls. Then, more ballgames.  These pictures of Annie's game is a perfect representation of how funny the games are! 

On June 20th, Nikelle and Jared had a Celebrate Brody Party.  We ate yummy food, painted Brody Rocks and the kids jumped on the tramp. We sure miss and love our little Brody.

We got some cute pictures of the triplets now that they are all 3 years old.

We worked hard at getting a good picture of these 5 little grand ones.  These are the best ones.  At least they were all happy and no one was crying.

Blake took Ryder to Jensen's Grove, Blake fished, and Ryder had a great time throwing rocks into the water.

Saturday, June 23rd was an interesting day.  The day started early when Blake took me to the Idaho Falls Airport to catch a flight.  I was heading to Myrtle Beach, SC for a Chambers reunion.  No one else from the Purcell Family could go, so I went solo.  After Blake dropped me off, he went to Brian's house for a little while, then he went to the Cemetery to release balloons for Brody's birthday.  They also did some other activities including Texas Roadhouse and a hot tub party.

Blake, Jared, Nikelle, Molly, Brian, Maden and Clark drove to Lava Hot Springs to go swimming, but it was way too busy, so they came back to Pocatello and went fishing.  The kids, and it looks like Nikelle, loved it!

Sunday July 24, Blake went up to Brian's after church and took a little spin on the newest motorcycle.  After we went to church in Myrtle Beach, we played a not so newly wed game, and a how well do you know me game.  Then, we went down to the beach and took a group picture, this is about 1/2 of my parents family.  Blake and I were 1900 miles apart for the week.

Monday found Blake at Texas Roadhouse again, and me playing on the beach.  We stayed in a house a block away from the beach.  It was perfect for us, and the beach and water were too.  This is my mom, Beth Chambers and I, then there's a picture of many of the kids playing in the water, and my mom and my sisters Lynne and Shauna and me enjoying the water lapping up where were sitting.

Tuesday Blake had to work, and wear a hat he hates. I had to go see some alligators and turtles and leave a Brody Rock at Huntington Beach State Park. I also had to spend some time at the beach, poor me.

Wednesday, Blake took Ryder to Pocatello.  The fish were not biting, so they waded in the water.  The Chambers clan went to Charleston, SC.  We took a carriage ride and learned a lot about the history of the city.  We ate at Bubba Gumps.  I ate 4 different kinds of shrimp.  It was very good.

Thursday was another beach day. In the evening some of us went to the boardwalk in Myrtle Beach.  It was a full moon and was beautiful.  The top picture is from the window of the room where I stayed, the bottom left and center pictures were taken from the boardwalk.  The right one was taken from my room window about midnight.  It was so bright, it seemed like the sun was shining in the window.

On Friday, June 29th while I was flying home, Blake tended Molly so Nikelle could go judge a pageant and Jared could work.  He got some really cute pictures of Molly and Ryder.  They went to the jump place again, then after naps he went to meet Jared at...yep you guessed it, Texas Roadhouse, then he came to pick me up at the airport.

Saturday, June 30, Jared, Nikelle and Molly came down, we went to Walmart, went for a bike, trike and 4Wheeler ride, and played on the swing.

It was celebrate Blackfoot days, so they had fireworks in the evening.  We did our own little show in the driveway before going down to the green belt to see the big firework show.  Molly got to wear one of my jackets to stay warm, she called it a dress coat.  It was a fun day, and a fun month!

Monday, June 18, 2018

May 2018

Grandma Beth and Grandpa Chin Chopper stopped by to visit for a minute, Ryder thought it was funny to sit by them.

We got to watch Maden, Annie and Clark during the first weekend of May. Annie wanted her hair curled, so we had fun making it real pretty.

We went and played at the school playground in Groveland, Ryder came to play too. 

Made found a ball in Grandpa Chin Chopper's garage and made up a game to play at the playground.  Annie made up a dance on the "stage" in Grandma Beth's back yard.

Such pretty tulips, and such cute kids.  They had fun playing outside and watching movies with Grandpa.

We went to mow the lawn at Grandma Great's house, the kids had fun running up and down the ramp, and riding the lawn mower.  Clark was asleep in the car almost the whole time, and Courtney went and rescued Molly while her parents were at Redi-Care.

We got a smaller curling iron and curled Annie's hair again.  She's such a cutie.

On Randy's 30th birthday, he came and helped haul some dirt with the 4wheeler, then we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  (Somehow, he escaped sitting on the saddle) They had free shaved ice and balloons and face painting outside.  I had to include this picture of Clark laying on the back of the couch, because I think it's so funny.

Brian found some free rocks, so Randy, Jared and Nikelle went to help with the rock hauling.  Then they decided to get some not so free gravel for the driveway, and they all helped to get it in place, even the triplets helped.  Molly is so pleased with her "new" room.  She's getting so grown up.

On May 13, Mother's Day, we had a combined Mother's Day and late Birthday party for Randy.  The kids love the new swings.

We had cake for Randy, and the kids gave me this cutest picture and message board for Mother's Day.

Annie got hold of my phone (with permission) and took some fun pictures of the happenings in the living room.

Blake, Randy and Ryder loading more dirt and putting it under the tree by the driveway.  Molly loves her new "wiggle".

We went to Texas Roadhouse again on May 19th.  Somehow, they found out that Ryder's birthday was in a few days, so while Blake, Molly and I were in the bathroom, they came and put Ryder on the saddle and gave him the birthday shout.  We felt so bad to have missed it, but glad that Nikelle took pictures.  Brian took Maden and Clark to Leo's Place, they had a great time in the arcade, Maden had a lot of tickets!

Blake and Randy took Ryder fishing at a pond in Pocatello.  He thought it was great fun.  The photo bomber in the top right picture, is actually the person that caught the big fish, he just let them take a picture with it.  I love the picture of Maden and Annie "watching" their parents play softball.

We got to watch Ryder on his 3rd birthday. The 3 balloon was waiting for him when he got here. (It was left over from Randy's 30th). We met Nikelle, Molly, Celia, Annie and Clark at Leo's Place for lunch. He loved it.

After his nap, we put 3 candles in a ding dong and sang to him many times.  We took them over to Grandpa and Grandma Chambers and sang, and did it again when Courtney came to get him.  Ryder and Grandpa had to smell the pretty flowers on this beautiful tree at Grandma Beth's house.

Annie had Preschool Graduation on the 24th.  Such a cute little program.  She had to have a picture with her best friend Sophie, and her teacher, Mrs. Bean.  After the graduation, we went to Orange Leaf for some frozen yogurt.  Jared is always the popular one with the kids.

We had Ryder's birthday party on Saturday, May 26th.  He got a ton of presents! Before the party, Molly, Annie and Clark got some fun swinging time in.  

Memorial Day, at the Ammon Cemetery.  It was decorated so cute for our special little Brody. You could even see the pinwheel from the parking lot of the upper part of the cemetery.  

My parents, Blake and I, Jared, Nikelle and Molly, Randy, Courtney and Ryder and Clark were there.  (Brian, Celia, Maden and Annie were participating in a Cross Fit event).  Nikelle's Sister-in-law and niece and nephew were also there.  Bonnie was kind enough to take the picture of us. 

Love this little family.

Visiting Grandpa Mark's grave.  It's almost impossible to get a picture of these three with all of them looking at the camera.  

After the cemetery, we went and fixed the lawnmower at Grandma Great's house, we went to Sam's Club, then came home and grilled hamburgers and played in the hot tub.  It was a good day.

On May 30th, Nikelle and Molly went to the cemetery to remove the pinwheels and truck, Molly is pointing heavenward where Brody is.  Maden got a Number Ninja award from his teacher, it's a perfect award for him, because he is a ninja with numbers! He's looking so grown up, I guess that's what happens when you finish 2nd grade.