Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Watching "the little bub"

Blake and I took another trip to Texas! We flew in on Wednesday, the 22nd of February.
Blake was worried that Maden wouldn't know us, but he did! He loved holding our hands!
Maden has always loved my camera, and that has not changed, but what has changed is that he figured out how to take pictures with it!
Coloring at Texas Roadhouse.

On Thursday, we went to a place called Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. It's a really cool place, takes up about 1700 acres, you drive through and see all sorts of animals. But the best part is that you can feed the animals out the window. You can't open your door or get out of the car, but you can open your window to feed the animals.
We took "surprises" in our suitcase for Maden. We gave him a surprise every morning. He loved the puzzles best, especially the abc one.
Having a teeth brushing party before we left.

Blake is feeding this Red Deer.
Of course, Blake had to pet them too. Boy do they stink!

The "Billy Goats"
Getting ready to throw some food out the window.
The zebra didn't take the food right out of Blake's hand, he had to drop it on the ground.
The giraffes were the most fascinating.
They are HUGE!
They had to bend way down to get to your hand.
Brian sat on the window sill of the car and snapped some pictures. The bottom of their bellies was taller than the car.
Halfway through the park was a petting zoo. Maden liked to brush the goats with two brushes.

Maden had not been feeling very good, he had a cough and would fever up once in a while. He would say the funniest things, and really didn't act that sick. He would put his hand on his forehead and ask himself "Do you have a fever?'. Later, Thursday night we went to Rita's for some frozen treats! Just as we got in the parking lot, Maden coughed hard enough to make himself throw up. It got all over his shirt, so Brian found one of his shirts in the trunk. 
He didn't care that he was wearing a huge shirt, just wanted his Rita's!
Jumping on the couch in his huge shirt.

Friday, we played tennis, and then went to the Children's Museum, then drove over to Weatherford. 

Playing tennis with Grandpa.
Romping on the bed with a lot of pillows. When he looked up and saw me taking pictures, he said, "Grandma's watching the little bub". Blake has called him the little bub since he was tiny. I laughed and laughed at him saying that.

Maden going down the "intestine" slide.
We watched a little 4D movie.
Blake and Maden herding cattle.
On a swing at a park in Weatherford.

Saturday turned out a little different than we planned. Maden really didn't feel well and woke up feverish. Brian and Celia took him to an Urgent Care to have him checked out. We fully expected them to say that he had ear infections, but they found something totally different. He had bilateral pneumonia and strep throat. They gave him a shot in his leg and some antibiotics to take at home. Poor baby!
Resting on Daddy's lap before they came in to give him a shot. When we got in the car, he told us that his leg got hurt.

Sunday, we decided that Maden should not go to church, so Blake and I stayed with him while Brian and Celia went to Sacrament Meeting. After they came home, and after dinner we went to the park where the turtles are.
"Resting" with Grandpa.
Looking for turtles.
Look at all the turtles!
Maden loved kicking the football from the swing.

We had to fly home on Monday. It is so fun to go see the Texas Purcell's. We skype with them all the time, but it is so fun to see them in person, and actually hear and see the funny things Maden says and does. He is so smart and knows so many things. We are sorry he was sick, but were so amazed at how good he was even if he didn't feel good.