Monday, November 13, 2017

October 2017 Occasions and Happenings

Oct 2 - Blake and his sister Marcele took his Mother to a funeral, then to Dixie Diner.  When they got back to Merralee's house, they took some more pictures with Merralee and Sharla.

Oct 2 & 3 - Spud Harvest! My 3 sons favorite time of the year.  Randy, Courtney, Ryder, Blake and I drove out to Goshen to get in some spud digging time with Bart. It is always a great time.  Blake and Courtney rode on the combine, Ryder loved riding in the tractor.  Randy got to help move the pipe out of the way.

We went to the cellar after visiting the field.  Blake and Randy picked some great spuds right out of the truck.  Jared, Nikelle and Molly came to check out the spuds and smell the spud dirt. Molly loved her ride in the tractor with Nikelle and Bart, and Jared got to ride the combine.  Brian's family went to Goshen the next day, they had fun finding some unique spuds,  and riding in the tractor.

Molly and Nikelle went to a pumpkin patch, and were so surprised when Annie showed up with her preschool class!  Annie and Molly were so glad to see each other!

Oct. 7 - My parents, Paul and Beth Chambers and Blake and I took a little drive to the Star Valley Temple.  It is a beautiful little temple nestled in a wonderful valley.  We loved our time time there.  I especially love the picture of the spire covering the sun, making a partial eclipse.

I took some pictures of the leaves as we drove around Palisades.  They were especially pretty with the sun shining and making them bright.  We were amazed at how full Palisades still is.  

October 9 -I lost one of my best friends.  Billie Crew left this life.  She was such a good friend to me and my family for about 28 years.  She was such a good example to me of Christlike love and service.  She did more for people than I can even imagine.  She babysat Jared for many years so I could do so many fun and needed things.  She made so many quilts for us and for our family and friends.  She served with me in the cub scouts and activity days.  She made an impact on so many people.  Ryder loved to go visit her and play with the truck, tractor and magic track. She was so thoughtful to Jared and Nikelle.  I miss you and love you Billie!

Just some random pictures - Molly, Annie, Ryder and Clark are having fun with a movie and popcorn.  Jared, Nikelle and Molly at the pumpkin patch, Ryder loved the go cart at Cal's.  Molly just relaxing at the playground.  Celia went to visit Cindy and Ken, and they went to a pumpkin patch too.

Oct 13 - While Celia was in Michigan, I was able to go up and stay with Maden, Annie and Clark for a day.  There is no greater joy in my life than spending time with my Grand little ones! Clark joined Maden with some IPad time.  The Bonneville Homecoming Parade went by one street over from Brian's house.  Annie, Blake and I walked over to see the floats.  We saw Nikelle on the Miss Bonneville float! Randy came up and helped Blake take the dead stuff out of the garden while Brian was at work.  They took Clark and Ryder to a store, and they loved sitting in the side by side.  I did Kiwi and Tinker Crates with Maden and Annie (I didn't get a picture of Annie doing hers).  We went to Texas Roadhouse when Brian got done working.  I had to take a picture of the snow the next day.  I think this is a cute picture of Molly, while she was in Utah.

Oct 15 - On my birthday, Randy and Courtney fixed dinner, along with help from my mom. Everyone came to help celebrate.  I think those 5 little munchkins that are watching a show in my bed are the cutest things ever! We had good food, and the kids love singing and blowing out the candles.

Oct 18 - Blake and I got to tend Molly and Ryder one day, Their energy, and excitement for life is kind of contagious.  I'm sure glad that I didn't have twins though!

Oct. 23 - Blake and I went to Boise for work, and this is what we came home with! It's a 2017 Ford Explorer, and it's not red!  It's a real nice, fancy car! While we were there, we also went to the Meridian Temple Open House, it was beautiful and we loved it.  I didn't get any pictures, though.

October 28 - Annie's party! Annie and her friend Evie loved the PJ Masks and capes that Cindy sent.  What a fun Sticky Donut "Cake".

One of Annie's favorite things to do, is to put on a show on her stage.  It started out with Annie and her friends and Molly, then she would call more people from the audience up to her stage.  I think it just might be one of Nikelle's favorite things too!

Oct. 28 - Boo at the Zoo - Minnie Mouse Molly, Ryder the Lion, Tigger Clark, Pikachu Maden, Catboy (or girl) Annie.

We went really early and waited for quite a while.  This is how the kids entertained themselves as we waited.  Annie and Clark were so cute as they danced.

Tinker Bell and Peter Pan and family!  Cute family pictures of everyone.

We had a special treat while we were in the zoo, the lion cubs were so fun and entertaining to watch. 

Oct 29 - My sister in law, Julie lost her father when he died in a tragic car accident.  We all went to the viewing.  It was a long wait in line for the kids, but they were pretty good.  Julie and Annie had matching dresses, and Julie was so cute asking to get a picture of them being twins.

Oct 30 - Annie's birthday! I got to go watch the bowling party for Annie's birthday.  Her friends Evie and Addie got to come too.  Everyone had a great time.

After bowling, we went to Texas Roadhouse, Annie was so excited to sit on the saddle and get the Texas Roadhouse Yeehaw! It was a bonus that it was Monday and she got her face painted too!  I sure do love you, Annie girl!

Some fun Halloween pictures - Donald and Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse, Minnie Mouse Molly went to see Grandma Great.  Trick or Treating with Pikachu, Tigger and Winnie the Pooh.  Minnie and Jared trick or treating.  Poor Ryder got sick just before the trunk or treat started, so he spent the the night chilling on the couch.  

Thursday, October 12, 2017

September Happenings 2017

Molly and Ryder love hot tub time with Grandpa.  Molly is a fish and Ryder is getting braver.

We went to the Eastern Idaho Fair Parade.  Molly needed to watch some Minnie Mouse while we got ready, Grandpa wrapped her up in a nice blanket.  Randy and Jared went early and saved us a nice spot, but then a bunch of people came and stood in the road in front of us, so we couldn't see much of the parade and left early.

At the fair, the marines had a pull up bar, so Annie, Brian and Maden had to test it out.

The tractors, animals, petting zoo are the fun part of the fair. Clark loved the petting zoo and the horse ride.  The horse was trying to eat Annie's shoe. It was hot for the fair this year, getting up to almost 90!  Ryder went to the fair several times, he got so he could tell where everything was.

I love it when we get cute pictures in the group texts! Ryder and Molly got to ride in the side by side at Uncle Bart's house.  Molly is such a little poser for pictures, just like her mommy.  This is Annie's first day of preschool.  She was so excited to go, and she seems to love it still.

Brian and Celia had a little family tennis match, it's so fun for the kids to get big enough to play with them.  Annie loves her huge sunflowers that grew in front of their house. Molly loved watching some Disney on my bed with Maden and Annie.

Blake, Jared, Randy and Ryder took the boat to Blacktail for one last little outing.  Jared wake-boarded, and Randy skied.  They said it was the perfect last boat trip.

Molly loves to go see Brody and play with the special dump truck.  Brian's family took some of their amazing sunflowers to Brody.  Blake, Jared, Molly, Courtney, Ryder and I (I know, funny combination of people, but that's how it worked out) went to see some of the homes on the Parade of homes. It was rainy and wet and muddy, so Jared had to carry the two kiddos, they are getting heavy! When we were at Texas Roadhouse, we tied Ryder's napkin around his neck for a bib, and whatever you do for Ryder, you have to do for Molly too.

We had Blake's birthday dinner on Sunday, Sept. 17th.  The kids love singing and blowing out the candles.  

After dinner, Annie, Ryder, Clark and Molly got corralled in the horse trailer for some unknown reason, they didn't seem to mind. Then Grandpa went swinging with the triplets.

On the 20th, I took Ryder to story time at the library.  He had a good time and I think he'll grow to like it, if I can remember to take him! He loved doing the candles in the pie for Grandpa on his birthday on the 21st.

September 23 - Princess Party in Rupert.  Nikelle, Molly, Celia, Annie, Maden, Nichole and Evie and Addie Pasley and I went to Rupert for the annual Princess Party.  Annie and Clark had to get their nails all ready the day before, Maden had to model his Prince Eric costume before hand too.  Cute Prince and Princesses!

Arial was so glad that her Prince Eric came to the party.  One Cinderella crowning another cute little Molly Cinderella.  Annie was Ahna, and Evie was Elsa, they were both pretty shy about getting the pictures taken with the bigger Ahna and Elsa.

There was a fun tea party, where they served us lunch, then the princes and princesses came into the room and sang beautiful songs.  The kids all knew the words from "Frozen" and "Moana".  Ahna chose Maden to be "The One".  They learned how to bow and curtsy, and how to hula dance.  It was a fun day.

We'll wrap up September with some random pictures.  Brian and Celia harvested their garden, everyone was impressed with the watermelon and pumpkins.  Molly had to take her shirt off, so she didn't get her white shirt dirty when she ate pizza, so of course Ryder had to take his shirt off too.  Molly ran up to this lion at the zoo and sat down and said "cheese".  She knows that you take pictures at the zoo.  Ryder loved going to the Draper Temple with Coourtney.  Maden is getting pretty good at eating with chopsticks.  

Thursday, September 21, 2017

August Adventures 2017

August 1-16
Some photos of my favorite little people.  Molly and Ryder shared a hug after Molly had been gone to New Hampshire for 2 weeks.  Maden is spread out on 4 different states. Clark is really on the ball. Maden, Clark and Annie at the Grand Canyon. Molly and Ryder eating some toast.

Ryder got to spend a few days with us while his parents were on a little vacation. We went to Burger King, blew bubbles, and played in the hot tub among a bunch of other activities.  I love these pictures of Celia and the kids at the Grand Canyon.  Brian got there too, but after dark.  Jared got stuck at a job site, luckily the Explorer could pull him out.

Molly and Ryder had a fun time playing at the Iona Park.  I love Molly's flighty hair!

We watched Molly for a weekend while her parents had a little get-a-way.  She had fun playing with the toys at our house, going to Grandma Beth's for dinner, and playing in the hot tub, and a lot of other activities.  Blake went to help Jared dig a trench at a job, it was fun to watch him run the digger. Ryder loved watching the grain combine in the field by our house.

Brian and Celia got sprinklers installed in their yard, so now it was time to get it ready and then plant grass.  They had to level out some places and also spread out some gravel with the tractor.  It still needed some smoothing out, so we borrowed a harrow to pull behind the 4wheeler.  Annie, Clark, Molly and Ryder thought that was a very fun job to "help" Grandpa with.  They got the grass all planted and it's coming up great now.

Molly and Ryder are enjoying some more hot tub time. Molly is such a happy little thing, even in the early morning.  Maden loves building things with all sorts of different mediums, this was a great ramp.  Jared and Nikelle had a fun little vacation in Park City. Clark is a good dog sitter during a car ride.  Courtney and Ryder enjoying a little boat ride. Molly loves her Minnie Mouse car mat, and the splash park.

August 16 - Brody's Headstone

Brody's headstone turned out so nice.  It's such a peaceful, sweet place to visit.

Jared and Nikelle and Molly visited as soon as they heard it had been installed.  They make it a fun thing for the family to do, they have picnics, take a truck for Molly to play with there.  Molly kisses Jesus and shares her juice with him too.  

We tried to get a good picture, but the sun was just too bright.  Molly loves going to see Brody.  Ryder loves seeing Jesus and Brody too.

August 17-18

Maden, Annie and Clark came once a week for "Grandma Day". I love it! We had a lot of fun, and did a lot of different fun activities.  This time they played with play dough for a long time.  I got to tend Clark by himself for a day, he became my good buddy that day.  He is a quiet, deep thinking little guy.  Nikelle joined Molly and Ryder for some hot tub time.

August 19 - American Falls

We took the boat out for a spin on the American Falls Reservoir.  I got sunscreen on the lens of my phone, so some of the pictures are kind of blurry.  Randy skied, Jared wake boarded.  

Nikelle tried and tried to get up on the small wake board that came with the boat. (It's not in very good shape!) She was really sad that she couldn't get up.  Courtney got up once, then couldn't again.  I don't know how any of them ever get up, let alone get in that cold water.

It was a fun day in the boat, Molly and Ryder love it.

August 21 - Total Solar Eclipse

We had the opportunity to see the total Solar Eclipse.  We took the back roads from Blackfoot to avoid the traffic on the freeway and highway to Jared and Nikelle's house.  We had fun playing in their backyard as the eclipse started.  These pictures really don't capture the dramatic difference in the light.  It was actually quite incredible.

Here we are with our eclipse glasses, getting ready to see it.  Nikelle had to eat a banana, because everyone bought bananas before eclipse day, and they were scarce.  

It was an amazing sight to see the eclipse.  None of us really knew what to expect, but it exceeded all of my expectations.  The last picture was taken by Josh Packer and posted on facebook.  

It only lasted a few minutes in its totality.  It was so amazing how light it was with just a tiny sliver of the sun shining from behind the moon.  Once again, it was hard to capture how it really looked with the pictures, but it was definitely a memorable experience.

August 22 - IJump

For Grandma Day, I took Maden and Annie to IJump.  They had a great time jumping, running, inventing games and laughing.

Aug 20-25

Ryder and Molly having a great time running and playing in my kitchen.  Blake, Jared, Molly and Nikelle enjoying some pool time at a hotel in Salt Lake.  Clark loved getting a ride on Grandpa's leg.  Brian and his kids eating some ice cream on a very hot day in Draper, Utah.  

August 26 - NF Walk and Scheels

Nikelle has a disease called Neurofibromatosis (NF), there was a fund raising "walk" in Salt Lake for NF.  Brian, Celia, Maden, Annie, Clark, Jared, Nikelle, Molly, cousins Jessica and Steve, Blake and I all went to participate.  It is something Nikelle has always wanted to do.  It was a very hot day, but we all survived the nice walk in the beautiful park.  After the walk, Annie got her face painted and the kids all enjoyed getting into a fire truck.

After the NF walk, we went to Scheels Sporting Good Store.  It was nice to be in the air conditioning! Everyone but Clark went for a ride on the Ferris Wheel.  Maden went by himself first, and was very brave, but he told me that he liked going with me better.

After the Ferris Wheel, the kids did some bowling and shooting activities.

Clark didn't really care that he wasn't tall enough for the Ferris Wheel, he had a great time in the shopping cart.  Annie and Molly liked it too.

August 26-29

Molly and Ryder are having fun coloring with Grandpa and Grandma.  Maden started 2nd Grade on the 29th! I can't believe he's already that old! Annie and Molly love to play dress up, I love how Annie helps Molly and how Molly loves Annie.  Ryder loves to read like his mom.