Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Magical Transformation Part II

There has been much more magic happening in my house! It was in need of a facelift, which it definitely got! My brother, Randy painted the ceilings in the living room, dining room, kitchen, entry way and hallways.  They had never been painted and look so much better all shiny and clean.
 Painting the ceiling is really not very fun!
Blake is doing some patchwork.

The next step was to texture some walls that had been wallpapered. 

Randy proved that he had some artistic blood in his veins!

Next came painting the walls. I chose Brown Teepee. I think it's very warm and inviting. After Randy painted all the brown, he replaced all the trim, the baseboards and the door casings which we painted white, or Powdered Snow.

Randy C. did all the rolling of the brown, Blake, Randy P. and I painted the trim.

Now for the Royal Treatment! Randy installed Crown Molding! It is just the perfect addition to this makeover! I LOVE it! It was difficult to install, and Randy C. told us later that he had never actually installed it before, he had only helped a couple of times. Once again, he proved that he is skilled beyond even his own beliefs. Magic at its very best!

 Because Courtney is tall, she had to help hold up one end. (Wonder why they didn't pick me?)
The part over the stairs was really hard. You can't see it in this picture, but Randy C. is standing on a small platform on a ladder that is on the bottom stair. I think that everyone was really tired at the end of that day!

Randy installed some bead board in the entry way, and that finished up his magic tricks. We are going to have the window replaced in the living room, and it has not come in yet, so  he will have to come back and trim that later.
 Dining Room
 Entry Way
 Stairs - we added a hand rail.
Living Room

Now it is time to call in another magician! Randy's wife Julie is a master decorator! She and I had a fun day shopping and found some great things! She has such good ideas and knows how to place things so they look stunning! She combined the new with some of my existing things for a complete magical transformation! I LOVE it! I have a few "before" pictures.

Now for the "after" pictures!

Dining Room

Living Room
This is the wall in front of the stairs.

Entry Way
Back Hallway

Once again, a HUGE thanks to Randy and Julie! I absolutely LOVE my "new" house! What a boost! You are both so talented, thank you so much for sharing your talents and time with us!
Julie, the magician!
Randy, the master picture hanger, they are straight and spaced very evenly!

These pictures really don't do justice! You need to see it in person! Come visit, you will be amazed! (There is still one more project that Blake and Randy have been spending many hours on, that will be finished at a later date!)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Magical Transformations

My house needed a pantry, or rather I need a pantry in my house! So after seeing the magic my brother Randy Chambers worked on the laundry room in Idaho Falls, we invited him down to work some magic in our house. As you come in the back door from the garage, there was a little hall that led to a door that went out to the patio. We never used that door, so it was kind of wasted space. I had the idea that it was a perfect spot for a pantry and knew that Randy could make that happen. I don't have a good before picture, but I've got some good ones during and after!
First, the door was removed.
Blake and Randy, framing in where the door was.
Then they had to reroute some of the wiring, so there could be lights and switches in the right places. That turned into a long process, it was hard to figure out! Eventually to get it right, they had to call in some experts...Terry and Doug came down and helped figure out the complicated mess.
Then came the sheet rocking and perfataping...
Part of this space had been a small closet, he had to combine the two areas into one.
Then it was time to build the shelves.

The shelves had been painted once before they were installed, but I got the job of giving them a second coat. 
The finished product!
It is absolutely wonderful! Exceeded all of my expectations! I still need to organize it a little, but I love it! I knew Randy could work magic and make a pantry out of some wasted space! He is a true magician!

But wait, there's more! I got a big unexpected bonus! My laundry facilities are a closet in the  hall across from the new pantry. Randy had the idea that if we put some cabinets in there instead of shelves, it would make it seem less like a closet...He was so right! 
During..getting better!
After!! Randy was so right! I love it! It is still a closet, but it really doesn't feel like a closet any more!

Thank you, Randy for working your magic! I love it all! But wait, there's more! I have so much more to show off, but there's a few finishing touches that include another magician before I show it all off! Stay tuned!