Monday, July 6, 2009

Purcell (oops Parkway) Surgery Center

I think the Purcell boys are taking over the Parkway Surgery Center in Blackfoot! Blake has been giving anesthesia there for about 5 years, Brian is working part time as an LPN, Jared is working as a CNA, and Randy started last week, I guess as a CNA in training. They probably won't all be there at the same time very often, so they had to take a picture on the monumental occasion.

Blake, Brian, Randy and Jared all dressed in scrubs ready to work!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I love to see the temple.....

Last night being the 4th of July, we went to Idaho Falls to see the fireworks. We got a spot on the green belt right across from the temple. Everyone else went for a walk, and I was left to guard the spot. I was kind of bored just sitting there by myself, but I had the most beautiful view of the temple. The sun was shining on it making it just sparkle. So, to entertain myself, I started taking pictures of the Temple every few minutes. I loved watching it change as it got darker. Very entertaining. I had time to ponder my feelings for the temple, and came to realize more deeply how I love that building and what it represents. I love remembering my wedding day and the first time I went there. I'm so thankful to have Blake as my eternal companion! I learn so much each time I go inside the temple, but I also learned alot last night just contemplating the things I have been taught there. I could almost feel the same peaceful feeling sitting on the green belt with noisy people all around me as I feel when I enter the temple. I'm glad that I had that time to sit and watch the temple for a while. I enjoyed that about as much as I did the fireworks.

What's happening in Randy's life? Courtney!!!

Randy is officially engaged!! Yes, that means he is getting married! He is marrying Courtney Fairbanks. She is from Orem, Utah. They met while they were in high school (she has relatives in Blackfoot, and met through her cousin), they dated a little before his mission, she wrote to him the whole time and now they are getting hitched! Oh, did I mention that they are tying the knot on August 15th? Yep, exactly 3 months from the day he stepped off the plane coming home from Canada. Yep, you can say we are caught up in a whirlwind around here!