Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break???

We left on Wednesday to go snowmachining one last time. That is what Jared wanted to do for Spring Break. We stopped in the mountains by Soda Springs and rode for a couple of hours, then we went on to Bear Lake. We stayed in a condo and went riding in the Paris canyon. There was about 2 feet of new powder, so there was plenty of snow!

Jared loves riding snow machines!

He led Blake and I on "an express route"! We didn't quite make the turn!

Thursday morning the straps holding the covers on were frozen down and very hard to get undone. Blake's hands were pretty cold!

We got stuck several times, but Jared says that is just part of the adventure!

Jared lost all his wisdom.........teeth

Last Monday, the first day of Spring Break, Jared did something way exciting! He had his wisdom teeth out! He got pretty swollen, and now his jaw is yellow, but he didn't have a lot of pain. This picture was taken on Monday night, before the swelling got too bad.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Still snowmachining!

Jared and Blake went to the Kilgore area yesterday to ride for awhile. They had great time, the snow was a liitle hard, but there was still plenty of it!

Jared tried doing some jumping or "popping wheelies"
Here's Blake going fast.

Blake was a good camera man, he caught Jared getting a little air.

Here's a little video of Jared jumping!

The beginning of the end

It was a happy day, it was a sad day. Friday marked the opening day of the 2009 Blackfoot High School tennis season. It was a happy day because the snow was off the courts and the sun was shining brightly! It was a sad day because it also marked the very last opening day of any kind of High School sports for the children of Blake and Diana Purcell! Holy cow, how can we be this old?!?!

Jared, playing at the net, and I'm taking pictures through the fence again.

He's playing mixed doubles with Megan Dalley. She was his partner from last year and they have played some tournaments together during the off season, and it showed. They looked like they did at the end of the season last year, very comfortable with each other. They won 6-0. 6-1!

Jared serving. The kids from Skyline didn't ever get the hang of his serve.

Church Ball

Since Jared didn't play school ball this year, he has been playing with the Groveland 1st Ward. It has been really fun and relaxing for him. He has been a leader on the team and they have had a great time. They have got along well and just had fun. On Thursday they played the Stake Championship game and won it, which means they have won all their games. Now they are in the Regional tournament this week.

Jared didn't do a lot of shooting, mostly passing, but he did make this nice three, and I even caught him in the air - not on the ground after the shot!