Friday, August 1, 2008

Trip to Oregon

On Sunday, July 27th, Blake, Jared and I loaded up my car and headed for Klamath Falls, OR. Brian and Celia drive their pickup all loaded up too. It took 12 hours to get there. Celia's parents, Mike and Grace Clift met us at the Resort in Klamath Falls. We did some sight-seeing, some bike riding, some dvd watching, a lot of eating and tennis playing. It was a fun vacation.
On our way Brian passed us so we could look and see if the tarp was blowing off. He loaded up 7 bikes in the pickup along with coolers and boxes of food and luggage.
This deer was on the grass right outside our condo - Blake and the kids spent a lot of time "deer hunting". They would search for deer on their bikes and in the car and looking out the patio doors.

Jared and Brian riding their bikes down a boat ramp. There were bike trails all around the resort. There were some pretty steep hills to climb and go down.

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