Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Jensen's Grove, Babies, Swing, Kindergarten, Parade & Fair, Fishing

Jensen's Grove
Aug. 11, 2015

It was a hot day, so we visited the lake at Jensen's Grove. Maden and Annie love the beach and the sand. I had bought some sand toys but they played more with the ice cream buckets than the real sand toys.

Maden had a great time rolling down the hill several times.

Aug 26 - 29, 2015

I love tending these babies! I get to tend Ryder 2 days every week. I took these pictures of him on Aug. 26th.  I got to tend Clark while his parents and siblings went 4
wheeling on Aug. 28th. Then I got to watch Molly on Aug. 29th while her mom sold some things at a garage sale.  It's so fun to see their little personalities and watch them learn new things.

It's so fun to get these babies together. They are going to get sick of having their pictures taken!

Things are changing when the babies are together, they used to just lay near each other in their own little worlds, sometimes they would hold hands or look at each other. But, Molly doesn't just lay there any more! We don't know how Ryder's hand got in Molly's mouth! Funny babies.

New Tree Swing
Aug. 28, 2015

Brian and Celia bought a new swing for the big tree out in our front yard.  It was not easy to get the rope up on the branch, but they finally made it.  Brian tried it out first and it looks like he was having a great time!  Maden and Annie took turns too, Maden was a little worried at first but got used to it pretty soon. 

Maden goes to Kindergarten
Aug. 31, 2015

I got to go see Maden go to Kindergarten for the first time.  He goes to the afternoon session, so we had some time before to do some tricks outside.  Annie is so funny to copy everything Maden does and says.

We tried to get some pictures, first of all we had the "cheese" smiles, then it was just silly fully opened mouth smiles.  He was sure excited to get going to school.

We loaded the kids up in the stroller to walk to the school.  Maden was such a good big brother to hold Clark so tenderly.

Here we are at the school. Maden's all lined up ready to go into the school.  It was a little funny that Annie didn't quite understand that Maden was going to stay at the school and she had to leave him there.  We have enjoyed hearing the fun alphabet songs Maden has learned in school.  

Eastern Idaho State Fair & Parade
Sept. 5, 2015

Even though it was cold and windy, we went to the parade.  The kids had a great time gathering all the candy that was thrown at them.  They would dance in the street because they thought they would get more candy. We ended up with a grocery bag 3/4 full!

After the parade, we made our way over to the fair.  It was still cold and windy, but we had fun walking around and eating.  Maden and Celia went on the Ferris Wheel, then Annie and Maden and I went on the Merry-go-round. Then Maden and Annie drove these cars. Annie loved "driving" and talked about it for days after.

Sept. 12, 2015

We went to "Terry's Fishing Pond" again. While Annie was fishing, Maden was singing his alphabet songs for us. It was a fun day.