Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tennis 2012

We are a tennis family! Blake played on some more tennis leagues this summer and fall. He really enjoys playing. He and Randy played on 2 men's leagues. They also played on a mixed league. Actually, Blake ended up playing on 2 mixed leagues during August and September.

Blake and Randy playing together in the men's league. They never lost.

Blake seemed to play with a wide variety of ladies in the mixed leagues, all sizes, shapes and ages (one was 70!)! 

Brian and Celia and Maden got to come watch some of the matches while they were here. Brian would rather have been playing!

Of course, Brian and Blake got in some good matches at Matsuura's court. This one they are playing against Junior and Meg Matsuura.

While we were at Cindy's in August, Blake and Cindy played a couple of times, and Cindy even found a neighbor that would play with Blake. (Sorry no pictures)

Courtney decided that she wanted to learn to play, so Randy and Blake have been "teaching" her.

So, with Courtney learning, I have been playing some too, so we can play doubles. It is pretty fun. So as you can see, we are a tennis family.