Monday, March 20, 2017

February 2017 Recap

February 3-5

We decided to make a little weekend trip to Island Park.  We rented a cabin from Randy's co-worker.  Randy, Courtney, Ryder, Jared, Nikelle, Molly, Blake and I went up Friday.  Brian and his family came up on Saturday morning.  It snowed a lot on us on the way up there, and quite a bit on Friday afternoon.

There was a lot of snow on the cabin! Molly and Ryder loved playing with the toys, and having a fun bath.

We watched some movies, ate good food and laughed when Molly's shoes were put on the wrong feet.

The 3 musketeers loved playing with/on the air hockey table.

We all had fun playing darts.  Yes, I did have a big fat 0 on my first turn!

Jared took Molly for a little spin on the snow machine and for a little ride on the sled.  Annie got to go for a longer ride on the snow machines and she loved it.  They saw a nice moose by the stream.

Clark and Ryder had a fun game of chase with Grandpa.  Ryder was not in the mood for a picture!

Tennis Tournament

Brian played in a tennis tournament at the Apple courts.  It was fun to watch one of his matches.  Annie and Maden were good cheerleaders and took some good pictures too.

More of Maden's Basketball games.

We had more fun watching these young kids play basketball.  Maden improved every game and made some baskets! The three amigos were almost as entertaining as the games.

Annie, The Photographer

Annie would get kind of bored at the basketball games and tennis matches, so I let her take my phone and take pictures.  I deleted about 200 pictures after she was done! She had a great time and took some very creative photos.

I love all the different faces of Annie! What a cutie!

She did a pretty good job of getting pictures of everyone.

She would hold the camera right in your face and say smile! 

February Randomness

Ryder made a tower with his cups.  Sitting by Grandpa drinking juice together. Playing the piano and air hockey and Chin Chopper and Baba Bess's house. Reading stories with Grandpa.

Molly's sitting on Grandpa's lap at The Little Mermaid play. Wearing a cute apron while playing, eating pizza at Grandma Great's house.  Eating at Texas Roadhouse with Grandma, being a cute little valentine, and sitting in the chair watching a show.  

Molly and Clark playing in a tent.  Clark wearing his rain boots to make sure he can go outside.  Clark is wearing Annie's tutu.  Clark and Molly in a basket.  Clark, Molly and Tigger Annie playing the piano at Grandma Great's.  

Dinner at Texas Roadhouse with Grandma Great and Molly.  Molly and Ryder looking at videos on Grandpa's phone.  Molly reading some bedtime stories. Ryder and Molly needed napkins while they ate.  Playing with calculators at Grandma Great's house. Jared's pickup got stuck when they went rabbit hunting.  It was quite the process to get it out.  

Home2 Hotel Stay
February 24-25th
Blake and I were tending Molly while Nikelle and Jared were helping with the Little Mermaid play.  It snowed and blew a lot on Thursday night, so we decided to just stay in Idaho Falls on Friday night.  We checked into the Home2 Hotel and Suites.  Courtney came up with Ryder and they played in the pool.

It looks like Molly out grew her swimming suit over the winter.  They had a blast running in the long halls of the hotel.  We made a table out of the desk for Molly to eat her dinner.

They loved playing in the pool! It was great entertainment for the afternoon.