Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jared was asked to the Blackfoot High Sweetheart Dance by Calleen Smith. During the day, they went to Calleen's house and made pizza and played games. Then later they had dinner at Sarah Nii's house, then they went to the ballgame (funny, huh) then to the dance. Jared said it was fun.

All ready for the "day date". Thank you Grandma for coming to take the picture!

Now, they are all ready for dinner and dancing!

Tennis, Tennis & more Tennis

There was another tournament at Apple Athletic Club this last week. There were alot of matches to watch. Everybody but me played, and they are telling me that I'm going to play in the next one. I'm not sure about that, we'll wait and see if I can get out of it! I'm really not very good!

Brian and Celia played mixed doubles.

Jared played mixed doubles with Megan Dalley. (School tennis season starts on Friday!)

Brian was the Champion of his singles division.

Celia played singles, too.

Blake and Brian played doubles.

Blake played singles.

Jared played doubles with Nate Kunz, too.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ralphie and Colton

We had company for dinner on Sunday, my brother Randy and his family (Julie, Travis, Tanner, Chelsey and Matt and Colton) came to eat with us and my mom and dad. Brian and Celia came too, it was almost like Thanksgiving! We ate and played games and visited and got all caught up! Thanks for coming, and come again!

Jared and Brian loved holding Colton! As you can see Ralphie is very curious about the baby, he hardly ever let him out of his sight.

Ralphie had to be right where Colton was all the time. Usually, Ralphie is right where Celia is, but this time he was more worried about Colton.

I think this a cute picture of Colton and Brian, and you can see that Ralphie is right there!