Thursday, December 29, 2016

3 more months of Grandkids!

October - December, 2016

Enjoy some more kind of random pictures of our cute grandkids!

Ryder loves tractors, books and wheels and going to Walmart.  I love the picture of my Dad reading to Ryder. Molly had fun exploring the toys in our basement.

Annie made a tall, tall tower. Maden got to go antelope hunting! Molly wants to be a big girl at the table. She had fun at the corn maze.  Ryder got to ride with Jared in a big tractor. All the babies love Grandpa!

Ryder's helping Grandpa rake up pine cones.  Clark is a monkey on his daddy. Molly loves her doll stroller and riding in the wagon with Maden and Clark.  Ryder thought he needed to try out his walker again, silly boy. 

Ryder helping Grandpa, Clark playing on the ping pong table, Molly being a baby again, Ryder mowing up leaves, Clark playing connect 4, Molly had 3 dolls in her stroller, Annie playing a tune for Curious George and Molly with her balloon bear.

Molly and Ryder riding the little rides at the mall.

Molly swinging in the big swing at Tautphaus Park.  Ryder mowing up more leaves and swinging and helping his mom do the dishes, getting in our shower and playing on the slide. Maden lost his first tooth! Molly loved the slides at Tautphaus. 

These babies are all growing up! They are really toddlers not babies anymore!

Ryder was really worried about my new rugs. Molly's feeding Ryder.  Clark's sweeping. Molly likes to sit on anything and wear her daddies shoes.  Grandma Great is giving Ryder a ride on her walker.  He didn't want to get off the lawn mower, but he did like helping to wash potatoes.

Getting ready for Christmas! Molly and Ryder meet Santa, Molly likes him, Ryder not so much.  

We had the Chambers Thanksgiving at the Groveland Church.  Molly and Ryder liked playing ball with their dads.

This was the cutest thing, Annie and Molly dance together quite often. Well, on this day, Clark just watched and then when Annie quit, he moved in and took his turn with Molly.  Then, they went and stood by the couch and grinned.  It was so cute.

The kids all watching a VHS movie! Playing "trit, trot", coloring, eating and just being silly.

Jared, Nikelle and Molly in front of the Twin Falls Temple. Molly and Ryder in the cool cart in Broulims.  Ryder threw up and didn't have any extra clothes, but he didn't mind wearing one of my t-shirts.  He loves making a mess with my plastic bowls and lids, and looking at the Christmas tree.  Molly and Ryder liked walking on the sidewalk in front of Rita's.  Molly likes the carts at Home Depot too.

Clark and Ryder visiting at Grandma Great's house, and shopping at Broulims.  We were sad there wasn't one of their cool carts available.  Molly has to do whatever her daddy does.  Both Molly and Ryder like me ok when Grandpa's not home.  They like to brush their teeth at Grandma's house.  Ryder got to help plow the snow for a few minutes.

Clark, Maden and Annie are trying out their Christmas present! Ryder likes his new chair, and Molly likes her big bear.  Ryder wanted to try out the walker again, and Annie is having a fun tea party.  I sure love these kids, and watching them grow and learn. They are my pride and joy.  


December 23, 24 & 25, 2016

We decided to have our family Christmas at 9;00am on Christmas Eve. Brian and Celia and their kids came on the 23rd to spend the night.  It really was a Christmas weekend.

Ryder came to play with the kids on Friday night.  He had a great time playing and loved bathing with Maden and Annie.

Saturday the 24th: Isn't Clark a cute little elf? Everyone but Cindy and Ken were here for Monkey Bread Breakfast. Then we facetimed with Cindy and Ken and opened presents.  The babies all got bean bag chairs.  I didn't get a very good picture of Clark sitting on his chair.  

I didn't get a lot of pictures of the present opening. Brian and Celia got this toy box for Molly and the kids all loved climbing on it and putting things in it.

Maden and I put together a fun contraption that came in his Tinker Krate.  Molly and Clark thought the big boxes were fun, and they were such cute little dancers.  Molly thought she needed to help Clark drink his milk.  Everyone had fun trying out my VR1.

Nikelle and Jared got Maden a giant Jinga game.  Even Blake and Jared had to try it out.

After dinner, Celia, Maden and Annie went out and made a huge snowman.  Annie's Ahna doll got rolled up in one of the balls.  Brian had to go demolish the snowman before they left for home and rescue the doll.  It was a good day!

Christmas Day, Sunday, December 25:  We woke up to a lot of snow! We even had church canceled! Randy and Courtney came about 10:00.  They parked just off the road in front of the house.  Blake went and picked up Courtney and Ryder on the four wheeler.  Ryder was getting snow blown into his face, but that didn't stop the smile.  Blake and Randy plowed our driveway, they even got the 4 wheeler stuck a couple of times, then they  went and plowed Randy's and a neighbors. Then they came back and ate, then went and plowed my parents driveway.  It took about 6 hours of work to get everyone dug out.  It really didn't feel much like Christmas!

Gingerbread Houses

December 17, 2016

We did our 2nd annual Gingerbread House party on the 17th.  Celia had bought some Disney kits.  Maden actually made one up earlier in the week.  Nikelle chose to do a Frozen castle.  I got to help Annie with hers! This is a fun activity, I hope we can keep up the tradition.

I had fun trying to get a cute picture of Annie, she was full of expressions that didn't include a good smile.  

1st Snow Machine Trip of this Winter

December 17, 2016

We got a good snow fall, so Blake, Randy and Jared decided to take the machines out for a ride.  They went to Fish Haven Canyon and said the snow was amazing.  

Jared's 26!

December 11, 2016

I can't believe that Jared is 26! We went to Texas Roadhouse the day before his birthday and he had to sit on the saddle while they cheered for him.  Molly couldn't quite figure out what was happening.  Then on his birthday, we had a party at their house. This should be a good year for him. He'll finish up his electrician apprenticeship and become a Journeyman Electrician! We're proud of you Jared and we love you!

Maden's 7!

December 5, 2016

I can't believe this boy is 7 years old! 

We had a fun party, with dinner, cake, presents and a bingo tournament.  Maden loved most of his presents, but the most classic statement of the night was when he opened a present from me that he wasn't exactly sure about he said, "Thanks anyway, Grandma". Maden is such a smart, cute, sweet boy.  I love playing games with him.  We love you Maden!

Big Announcement!

November 30, 2016

Our family is growing again!! Jared, Nikelle and Molly are going to have a baby in July! We are so excited!

Amazing Fall Weather!

November 9, 2016

It's hard to believe that this was November 9th! It was 60 degrees! We really didn't need our jackets.  The grass is still pretty green because of all the rain we got in October. Ryder had a great time swinging, popping bubbles and playing on the slide.