Monday, January 20, 2014


Blake and I took another trip to Boise Sunday, Jan. 19th and came home on Monday. He had to provide the Anesthesia for Dr. Rodgers again. It's kind of a fast trip, but it's actually a nice little get away and change of pace.  We stay at the Country Inn and Suites in Meridian.  I take Blake to Dr. Rodgers office, then go back to the hotel for awhile, then go shopping! He got done about noon, so we ate a nice lunch and headed for home. It was really foggy/smoggy in Boise, even falling frost this morning.

There were a ton of Antelope right by the freeway just before we got to Mountain home.

Elk Refuge - Jackson, WY

Saturday, January 18th we went to Jackson to the Elk Refuge.  We were very amazed at the lack of snow in Jackson. Kind of scary that there's no snow.

Here we are on the wagon. It was a still a sleigh ride, but it was very rough. It was a bright sunny day with blue skies.  It was about 25 degrees, no wind, so that was nice.

We saw some bald eagles and a lot of elk.  The elk were not very active, probably because they don't have to work very hard to find their food. We drove around to see if we could see the big horned sheep, but they were too high to even get a picture.

Nikelle and Jared saying hello to Jack and Joe.

I think this is the 3rd year for Courtney, she says it is her favorite winter time activity.

Our view of the Wyoming side of the Tetons on the way home.

This is how Blake and Randy sleep on the way home.

Impromtu West Yellowstone Trip

We had planned to to go to Jackson on Jan. 11th, but the weather didn't look like it would be very good, it was supposed to snow and blow. Blake was working at Mountainview in Idaho Falls on Friday the 10th and thought he would be late getting done.  Randy came over and talked to me about maybe going to West Yellowstone instead of Jackson. He called his dad and Blake agreed to meet us at Jared's after he was done working. I got reservations at the Workdmark in West Yellowstone.  Randy and I put together a menu and got all the food packed up.  We met at Jared's house and left about 7pm.

Courtney and Nikelle took turns driving and being the passenger. It was snowing and blowing when they went out on the machines, but they said it was pretty good snow.  Looks like Blake biffed it! I guess Randy biffed it worse, but no one took a picture!

Here we are, eating our spaghetti dinner. Because it was an impromptu trip, I was spontaneous and booked the Presidential Suite.  It was very spacious and nice. There was one problem though, the hot water heater did not work! It would not even fill the nice jetted tub to the jets. That did not make us happy.

Watching a least some of us watched a movie!

We got up early Sunday morning and headed for home. We got home in time to go to church at 12:30.

New Year's Day 2014

To start the new year, we Skyped with Brian and his family for a long time. Then we went to Jared and Nikelle's for some lunch. Then we went bowling.

Of course Randy was working again so Nikelle, Courtney, Blake and Jared bowled. Taking pictures of bowing is kind of weird, there is no way to get anything but back shots.