Sunday, April 29, 2012

March 2012

March was a busy month for Blake and I, we started the month off with a trip to Boise. My nephew Tanner Chambers played basketball for Rigby High this year, so we became Rigby fans. We enjoyed going to as many games as possible during the season. Well, the Trojans were the district champions and were playing in the state tournament the first weekend of March. They ended up also being State Champions! It was great fun to see them win the championship!

Look at us being Rigby fans!
Randy and Courtney went to some of the games during the season and came over to Boise for the Championship game.
Tanner in the Championship game.
The Rigby Trojans with the trophy and banner!
My brother Randy with his grandson Colton after the game in the holding pen where the parents and family could congratulate the team. What a happy day!

The next weekend was my niece Michelle Leifson's wedding. She married Adam Cook in the Bountiful temple on Friday, March 9th, then their reception was on Saturday the 10th.

Beautiful bride and groom.
My Grandpa Chambers was at the sealing. It was a really nice day outside for pictures.

My sister-in-law Julie was the wedding decorator. So Blake helped put up the false ceiling.
All transformed from a church cultural hall to a beautiful reception center!
Courtney invited Blake to dance after the reception was over.

The 3rd weekend of March, we took another trip to West Yellowstone for some snow machining. We had planned to go to the Bear Lake but had seen that there was not enough snow there, so changed our minds. There was not very good snow in West Yellowstone either. In fact, it rained while we were there. It was not a very good year for snow machines. But it was a nice relaxing weekend.

The last ride of the year.

The weather started warming up, and with that comes yard work.

Blake is raking up pine needles and pine cones.
Mowing for the first time.

Warmer weather doesn't just mean yard work, it also means tennis!
Randy and Blake playing for the first time in 2012.

On the last day of March, Blake and I took a trip to Salt Lake City to watch a Jazz game. We got there early enough to go to the new City Creek Center downtown Salt Lake, and to Gateway Mall. The Jazz were playing the Sacramento Kings, with Jimmer Fredette. Jimmer played quite a bit and that was fun. It was not fun that the Kings won the game because the Jazz missed a shot right at the buzzer.

In the nose bleed section at the Energy Solutions Arena.
Jimmer in a Kings uniform.

All the trees were in bloom in SLC, which we thought was wonderful, but it turned out not so great. They stink! They really don't smell good, not at all like a pretty flower should smell!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Elder Jared

As of March 25th, Jared has been out 10 months! The last few months have been a little frustrating for him, he has suffered with constant headaches. After many tests, we still don't know what caused the headaches. He went to a Dr. Beard who is a member in the Highlands Ward where he is serving in Columbia, MO. Dr. Beard has called us a few times and even arranged for a conference call with Jared. After determining that there was not a major problem causing the headaches, he decided to treat him with some medication, it seems to be helping and Jared is feeling better. Dr. Beard called us last week and said that when Jared walked into his office he thought, "now this is the real Elder Purcell", because Jared was laughing and smiling. We are so proud of him for continuing to work hard even if he wasn't feeling so good. Here are some pictures Jared has sent recently.

I got this as a picture text on Jan. 23 from the Schramm family. They said that Jared was their after dinner entertainment.

In front of the "Mizz U" tiger.

With his district in February.

Being domestic by cooking a pizza.

Hunting possum? Kind of funny missionary work.

I received this picture in an email....A new mission car? No, it's Gary's (an investigator Jared is teaching) Porsche. Jared wished he could drive it and not just sit in it.

Taking some time out from being a "fisher of men" to do some real fishing at a pond in someone's back yard.

These are the fish that Jared and Elder Hansen caught.