Thursday, February 16, 2017

Recap of January 2017

Jan. 6th - Nikelle's 25th Birthday

Brian and Celia hosted a Birthday party for Nikelle, complete with sparkler type candles!

Maden's playing Basketball!

Maden started playing basketball on an Iona city league.  He had a large cheering section for his first game, his family, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all came.  He was very funny when he played defense, but the kid he was defending was even funnier, because he wouldn't go around Maden! 

It is so entertaining to watch these little kids play ball.  Each week they get better and understand what they are supposed to do. I love that Molly needed to be close to me while I was holding Ryder.

Jan. 28th - Bowling

Some of us went bowling for the first time in a long time.  I feel so bad that I didn't get a picture of Nikelle actually bowling! Ryder and Molly thought it was a fun time.

Just some random pictures....

Top left, Ryder just chilling and watching Mickey. Top Center, Ryder and Molly sitting on a little bench.  Center, Clark trying to be big, but not succeeding very well. Top right, Annie working on a Kiwi Crate project. Bottom left, Molly and Ryder having a little melt down! Bottom center, Annie trying out her finished project. Bottom right, Clark trying to get outside!

Left side, Molly got snow boots! She loved playing in the snow!  Top and bottom right, Molly and Clark having meltdowns when they have to come inside.  Center left, Clark still trying to get outside. Center right, Ryder loves dipping french fries in fry sauce.

Top left, Molly and Grandpa waiting at the Verizon store.  Bottom Left, Ryder watching the magic track cars at Billie's house.  Center top, Nikelle, Molly and Jared enjoying a program on TV. Center middle, Ryder watching Daddy plow. Center bottom, Molly put herself in the corner.  Right top and middle, Ryder and Molly having a great time playing with all the toys.  Right bottom, even though Ryder can't see very well, he loves playing with all the pool balls.

Brian took Molly and Clark for rides on his little 4 wheeler on the "track" he made in his yard.  Annie was a good little helper to Clark and Molly out in the snow.  They had their meltdowns after coming in!

Snow! Snow was a big part of January!  We had already had some good snowfall in December, but it added up more and more in January.  I never did hear what the grand total was for the winter, but at one point we'd had over 5 feet total snowfall! That's a lot!

Jan. 4th, it started snowing about 8:00 am.  The schools got out early, Courtney just went home and Brian came and plowed our driveway so I could get out and take Ryder home.  We had more snow the next day, and no school.  

Jan. 9th - we had kind of rain/freezing rain.  It turned our driveway into a skating rink!

Jan 10th - More snow! It was very hard to plow on the slick driveway!

Jan 14th - Blake, Randy, Courtney and Jared went snow machining in Bloomington, Idaho. They had a flat tire on the trailer on the way there.  They spent a lot of time helping someone that got stuck.

Jan 19th - More Snow! It's so nice when it snows when Randy's off work, so he can come and plow! These pheasants don't seem to mind all the snow.

Jan 23rd - More Snow! Randy came and plowed around noon.  Jan. 24th - More Snow! It snowed a lot during the night, causing school to be closed again! Blake and Randy didn't get home from Parkway until after 5 to plow, it took forever.  Between the two storms, we got over 18 inches!

There's a lot more snow this year than there was 3 years ago!

Just some pictures of the tunnel of a sidewalk, and Blake and Ryder cleaning out the driveway after the plow went by.

We decided we needed to clean the snow off the roof, so we paid a couple of guys that Randy works with to do it.  It took them 6 hours! They said there was 4 foot drifts in some places on the back of the house.  The pile by the patio was about 5 feet tall.