Saturday, April 11, 2015

Molly Beth Purcell

We have another granddaughter! Jared and Nikelle welcomed Molly Beth Purcell into the world on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 at 9:23pm in Idaho Falls. She weighed 7 lbs, 4 oz and was 20 inches long.  She made her appearance about 12 days early! What a little sweetheart!

Her Mom and Dad are so excited to have her here! She looks a lot like Jared did when he was a baby.

Randy and Courtney and I were waiting at the hospital for her to arrive. Blake felt really bad that he had a bad cold so he decided it was not a good idea to be there. We were so excited when they told us we could come meet Molly.

Here are some fun pictures the next day, Wednesday, April 1st. No joke, she's a little Dolly Molly!

It was also no joke that she has some Grandmas that love her. Great Grandma Purcell, and Great Grandma Beth came to meet their newest great grandchild.  I'm so blessed that I live close!

Thursday, April 2nd, it's time to go home! Got all dressed up and fitted in the car seat. Jared decided that his hands are way big to be handling something so tiny. Because Nikelle's mom lives in New Hampshire and her plane tickets were scheduled for April 14th, Jared and Nikelle asked me to come and stay for a few days. What fun to be part of all these firsts.

Made it home! She looks very tiny in the pack and play. Mom and Dad are trying to file those sharp little fingernails.

Friday, April 3rd. Getting some cuddling with Daddy, and Uncle Randy and Aunt Courtney.

Saturday, April 4th. First bath at home. She loves the sound of running water and having her feet rubbed.

Grandpa finally felt better, so he got to come meet his "little tiny baby girl". Luckily, he is a master at cutting tiny baby fingernails. Much better!

While Molly slept in the swing the four of us colored some Easter eggs.

Monday, April 6th we took some pictures with eyes open! 

Tuesday, April 7th, One week old!

Friday, April 10th we decided to do a bit bigger photo shoot. We used a basket, a nice soft blanket and a fabric rug Nikelle made. I think they turned out pretty cute for real amateurs using an iPhone!

Now we added the headband and crown. Such a precious little Dolly Molly!

These are a little later, after a change of clothes became necessary and her eyes were open.

She was wide awake and so pleasant. I love her little hands.

Just a few other right, first outing so she needed a headband! Look at her hands folded snuggly and tight in the very top right picture. In the bottom left, Jared is outside washing the windows while we were taking pictures. I love the one of Nikelle holding her little princess.

We are so thrilled to welcome Molly into our family! It's amazing how much I love her already. It will be so fun to watch her grow! Thanks Jared and Nikelle for letting me be part of this experience, it was such a privilege to be in your home at this very special time with you and your little princess.