Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Blake had arthroscopy surgery on his left knee today. It has really been hurting for about 3 months. Since he had already met his deductible for this year he decided to have his knee fixed. There was a miniscus tear that Dr. Andary repaired and he also removed some scar tissue. He said Blake should be back to playing tennis, and doing almost anything he wants in 2 -3 weeks.
This is before surgery, they hadn't even started the IV yet.
He rode home in the back seat, we laid the front seat down and he put his feet up on the back of it. He slept so soundly all the way home, he didn't even know that we were home and stopped in the garage. Must have been good pills they gave him after surgery.

The doctor told him he should use crutches for 3 or 4 days. Notice the betadine on his foot, I call him "yellow foot".

He finally woke up enough to eat something, it was probably time, since he hadn't eaten since Monday afternoon!

Baby had to come and rest with Blake in the recliner.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Planting the garden

We had to hurry and get the garden tilled, and the rows made, and everything planted Monday morning before it rained, which it did all afternoon. We barely made it in the nick of time.

There was one little problem with the day. Blake was carrying the "row maker" back to the top of the row, and somehow tripped over his own feet and fell flat. Brian was driving the four wheeler around to get it in position and saw Blake fall, scared Brian to death, he tore off the four wheeler and ran over to Blake who was laughing! Brian helped him up and they went on with their work.

After we got it all planted, it started raining and rained all afternoon! I think it washed some of the dirt off the tops of the rows and and left some seeds exposed!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Planting and playing

We finally got to plant some flowers. We did it between rain storms.

Baby had to supervise the planting.

It rained too much on Saturday to do much, so we went bowling. It was raining so hard that we got soaked just going the 15 feet from Brian's front door to the car.

Then after we were done bowling we went back to Brian and Celia's and played with the dog and cat.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

State Tennis

Well, we have survived another weekend of High School State Sports! This is how Blake uses his time waiting for the matches to start.

Jared played at the Boise Racquet and Swim Club. He was so excited to be the participant, not just the brother! It was really hot in Boise, like the 90s! Jared and Megan won their first match against a Bishop Kelley team 6-3, 6-4!

Brian got to "coach" even at state!

They lost their 2nd match to a Pocatello team 6-7 (5-7 in a tie breaker), 5-7. It was really close with a lot of deuce points. Poky went on to take 2nd. Jared and Megan really played well and kept it a close match.

The next match they won in a sad way. The girl from the Wood River team had heat stroke, so they had to forfeit the match. It was great for Jared and Megan, but really sad for the Wood River team.

Their match on Saturday morning against Emmett was played indoors. That wasn't too great us to watch because there was one window for 3 courts. There were a lot of people trying to watch three matches, and we couldn't hear anything that was going on, kind of like watching muted TV. They ended up losing in three sets. 4-6, 6-4, 6-7(4-7 in the tie breaker) Sad to say this match had some controversy. Jared's serve is so fast, even his 2nd serve that it's really hard to tell if it's in or out. The Emmett players called several out that really were in. Jared and Megan didn't realize that they had to tell the roving official that they were questioning the calls. They just thought she would over rule the players calls, but she didn't. So the Jared and Megan really didn't lose the tie breaker, but it was too late to do anything about it. The worst part is that the boy from Emmett had hurt his back, and really wanted to quit, but his partner wouldn't let him. He had to forfeit the next match because he couldn't play. So they won dishonestly and then didn't play the next match and Jared and Megan were out. It was one of those life lessons, it's not about winning or losing, it's how you play the game. Jared and Megan played really well and were very good sports, they have nothing to hang their heads about!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Once a Farmer, always a Farmer!

Blake had the opporunity to help out a neighbor. He had to borrow a tractor and a disc, but he had the time of his life! Jared said he was reliving his childhood the whole time they were there!

Friday, May 9, 2008

State Tennis, Here we come!!!!

Jared and his mixed doubles partner, Megan Dalley qualified for state!! The district tournament was Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday, they first won a team from Bonneville, then they won a team from Hillcrest. The Hillcrest match was way exciting, Jared and Megan won the first set, and then got down 3-5 in the second and came back and won 7-5! I was shaking and so nervous, but Jared and Megan acted cool and calm! It was a windy blustery day, not very pleasant tennis weather. Brian was able to act as "coach" for Blackfoot at the courts where Jared was playing. He "coached" Jared and Megan and the other mixed doubles and the boys doubles. All the kids told us how much they liked him talking to them at the fence and giving them advise. Brian brought his grill and we cooked hamburgers and hot dogs for anyone who wanted them. It was a real fun day.
On Thursday, Jared and Megan were playing for the District Championship. They were playing another Hillcrest team, a really good team! Jared and Megan played the best tennis they have ever played. Jared's serve was absolutely amazing. Megan took a fall in the first set and hurt her ankle, but she toughed it out and finished the match. The came just short of winning, both sets were 5-7, and there were so many duces in every game. So they came away with 2nd place medals and felt really good about how they played. It was a real good warm up match for state competition. I hope Megan's ankle is ok! Brian was able to take his lunch hour and come for Jared's match. He kept saying the he wished he could serve like Jared. That is a real compliment to Jared!
This is Brian "coaching" Ross Matsuura and Brad Hudson. Brad's dad came and aked Brian to go tell them something at the fence. After he did, they turned things around and ended up winning the Boy's Doubles Championship! I don't know what he told them, but they said that it gave them so much confidence they just went out and played better.
Thursday was even more windy and cold. Hear the wind blow in this little video!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May weather?

This is what we woke up to this morning, May 1, 2008!!!

This is what my car looked like when I came out of curves. (I was only there for 30 minutes.)
And this is what the house looked like at 8:45 this morning. Enough alreday!!! It's crazy that Jared's tennis match on May 1st will likely be cancelled due to snow!!!