Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More pictures of Elder Purcell

Jared is now serving in the Maryland Heights Ward, in Creve Couer, MO. It is just a little west of St. Louis.  Time is winding down for him, he comes home on May 23rd at 12:20pm!
He is doing well, just had another baptism on Saturday.

Jared and Elder Williams. They had a big snowstorm on March 24th, got about a foot of snow, church got let out. 

Elder Wach, Jared and Elder Williams

Elder Wach, Snowman, Jared and Elder Williams

Pretty big snowman.

This picture is pretty cool, it was taken on March 28th, the day after Jared was bitten by another dog. At least he doesn't hold a grudge against all dogs.  He had a pretty good gash on his leg from the dog bite, but it didn't rip his pants.  He says it has healed up just fine, but will leave a scar.

I received these two pictures and a video on Easter Sunday in a text from an unknown number. Love that people think of doing this!

Viva Las Vegas

We took a little trip to Las Vegas the end of March. We left on Wednesday, March 27th as soon as Courtney was done at school. We drove as far as Payson, Utah and stayed at a "real Quality Inn" (Courtney knows the joke behind that) We got up Thursday morning and headed south.

Blake's sunglasses have a string to keep them on, for some reason, the string ended up on top of his head. I'm not sure why he needed the glasses, because his eyes were closed most of the time.

We stopped in St. George to eat at Cracker Barrel, and walk around the temple.

The trees were all blooming outside Cracker Barrel.

The St. George temple is gorgeous!

The scenes outside the car after leaving St. George.

When we arrived in Las Vegas, we stopped in to see Blake's uncle Richard and aunt Joann Grant. 

We stayed in an RCI resort because all the Worldmarks were full. We had booked a 2 bedroom, and that's what it was, but it was set up different than any condo we had ever stayed in. When I checked in they said we were in the Sage Building, room #1003 A & B. I didn't know what that meant, but found out when we got to the room that we actually had 2 separate 1 bedroom suites with a connecting hall. So we not only had to bedrooms, but 2 living areas, 2 kitchens and 2 nice bathrooms with huge showers and jetted tubs. It was very nice.

Friday, we decided to go see Hoover Dam. There were a lot of people there, so we didn't get out of the car too long. 

It's a pretty impressive sight.

We saw some signs for helicopter rides on the way to the dam, so on the way back, we decided to check it out. It was $29.00 for a 2 minute ride. We decided to go just so Randy and Courtney could say they've been up in a helicopter. 

 Courtney got to ride in the front, Blake, Randy and I squished in the back. It was a fast two minutes, but so cool.
Yep, that's about all we saw, but it was a different view than from the road. It was very fun.

On the way home from Hoover Dam, we found a Rita's in Hendersen! Love, love, love Rita's!

We ate at a buffet at the South Point Casino. But, the real reason we went to Las Vegas was to play tennis, or so Blake thought. He was able to meet up with his cousin Linda's husband Darrin and his brother to play some tennis. It was nice and warm even after dark. 

Randy's still got some hops, even on the tennis court.

Saturday, Blake, Randy and Courtney went to the Strip for a while and walked alot! The strip is still the strip, hasn't changed much!

Sunday, we got up early and drove home. We stopped at Cracker Barrel in St. George again for breakfast, but were kind of disappointed with our meals. Then we stopped at Iggy's in Orem for dinner. We got home about 6:00pm.  It was a fun trip.

Last Snow Machine Trip of the Season

On Thursday, March 14th, we left for one last snow machine trip. 

We stopped at Red Lobster in Pocatello on the way. Randy and Blake had lobster and they loved it. Courtney tried it, but didn't love it so much.

On Friday, Blake, Randy and Courtney went to the Franklin Basin area to ride. The snow was not too great though.

Courtney had a little rest while the guys were out playing on the machines.

It was very warm, but rotten hard snow.
See, here I am in the condo! I really do go.

The guys decided that they were not going to go out riding again on Saturday, so we took a drive to Logan. We did a little shopping, and ate at Texas Roadhouse. Blake and Randy even played a little tennis at a high school.

Courtney was going to play, but decided that it was not that warm and too windy. So, she and I sat in the Pickup and visited.

Blake bought these bright clothes at Walmart, he love bright colors.

The main reason we went on this last trip was that my nephew Dallin Leifson was speaking in church prior to leaving on his mission to Mexico. They live in Woodruff, Utah, so we just made a weekend of it. 

Dallin will be an excellent missionary!

Must be a Randy sandwich!