Sunday, November 24, 2013

Family Pictures

When we figured out that all 13 of us would be together for Jared and Nikelle's open house we knew we would have to have a family picture taken.  Cindy booked Brandi Miles Simmons to come take our picture on Oct. 19th.  We decided to go with the colors of the wedding and do the pictures in Matsuura's back yard.  We took the '65 for a prop.  It was a bit chilly and windy, but I think the pictures turned out great! We could pick 10 images to be made up, I could not narrow it down to just 10, so here are the 12 I picked.

Yep, there we are! All 13 of us!

Blake and I

Ken, Cindy and Sydney

Brian, Celia, Maden and Annie

Celia and Brian

Randy and Courtney

Nikelle and Jared

Blake and I with our 4 kids.

The 4 kids.  Youngest to oldest, this way you can't tell that the youngest is also the tallest.

4 kids hugging.  Brian says that's the last time that will happen.

Blake and I with our 3 cute grandkids.

Another with our cute grandkids.

Here are some we had to choose from.  It was a very hard decision!

Thanks Brandi! We appreciate you coming to take our pictures!  I know some of you think it's torture to have pictures taken, but thanks for behaving and smiling! Love you all!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

October 12, 2013 - Jared and Nikelle's Wedding!

Jared John Purcell and Nikelle Anna Bair were married in the Twin Falls Temple on October 12, 2013! It was a beautiful ceremony. After the wedding, we had a lunch at Gerties Brickoven Pizza. There was a reception that night in the Wilson Theater in Rupert. We had an Open House at Matsuura's Clubhouse in Blackfoot on October 19th.  We love Nikelle and are so glad she's a part of our family!
All dressed up and ready to get married!
Here come the new Mr. & Mrs. Purcell!
Maden had to be the first to hug them! After all he helped Jared ask Nikelle to marry him so she could be his aunt!
Doing a little happy dance.
Looking very happy!
Nikelle had to take a minute between pictures to water the flowers.
Most of the people who were there to celebrate with Jared and Nikelle.
The Bair Family
Some of the Purcell's family. There were others at the temple, but they had already left.
It was a beautiful day for pictures!
The only pictures from the lunch at Gerties. But, there is proof that Grandma Purcell, Bart, Merralee, Sharla, Kimberlee and Marcele were there.
Before the reception started.
The beautiful decorations.
I think Brian was struggling here. Looks like he finally got it figured out, sort of.
And they're off! It was a beautiful day to begin your life together!
I am so sad that I didn't get pictures of the open house. We are so grateful to the Matsuura's for being so willing to let us have it in their Clubhouse. It is a beautiful building and it worked perfectly for us.  I am also so thankful to Julie Chambers. She decorated it so beautifully, and had wonderful refreshments. I really can't believe that I didn't get any pictures!
Yep, that's the extent of pictures! But, there is proof that Cindy, Ken and Sydney were there!