Monday, August 18, 2008


Monday morning, Ken, Blake, Jared and Brian went and played tennis. Cindy and I took Stormy for a walk, and man do they walk fast! Syd and Jackie just played and played. After lunch we went to Deer Forest, which is a petting zoo that includes deer that you can mingle with and feed. Brian and Jared loved it! Then we went to a little river, everyone waded in the water and played with Stormy. She loved chasing sticks in the water and running around. We grilled hamburgers at Cindy and Ken's. Then we watched some Olympics on TV. Ken had them recorded, so we had hours to watch commercial free which was great. Cindy, Syd, Jackie and I played some games, too.

The llamas were very friendly and funny.

Syd feeding the deer, Jackie being a little leary of the deer.

Jared and Brian feeding the deer the apples that Ken cut up for us to take.

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