Monday, August 18, 2008

Trip to Michigan

Sometime last year we started planning a trip to Stevensville, Michigan to see Cindy and Ken and Sydney. We planned to drive our Red pickup and get a uhaul trailer so we could take Cindy's furniture that she'd left in Idaho to her. So, on August 8th, we loaded up the
trailer and pickup with Cindy's couch, love seat, table and chairs and some other things she wanted. Brian and Celia and Blake and Jared and I were planning on going, but at the last minute, Celia had an opportunity for a job interview, so she decided that she would stay home. We were sad and we missed her. We also took my niece, Jackie so that Syd would have someone to play with. So, on Saturday, August 9th at 5:00 a.m. we loaded into the pickup and headed east. We stopped at my sister Lynne's home in Woodruff, Utah at 8:00 a.m. for breakfast and to pick up Jackie. We left there about 9:00 and continued on east. We stopped at Cabela's in Sidney, Nebraska for some leg stretching time and some food. We went on to stay the night in Lincoln, Nebraska. On Sunday morning, we took off again. We arrived at Cindy's about 6:00 p.m. Cindy has a very nice new home, really open and spacious. She also has a very BIG dog. Stormy is a Great Dane that is still a pup and doesn't realize how big she is. Blake, Jared and Brian loved her, Jackie and I weren't as sure about that. We unloaded the trailer, and pickup. Cindy and Ken had an older couch and love seat that they said they were going to give to Goodwill, Brian decided that it was better than what he had at home. So, he called Celia and she said if we could fit it in, to bring it home. We had only rented the trailer one-way, so they worked hard, but finally figured out that they could fit the couch and love seat and all our luggage in for the trip home. After all the moving, we just chilled out for awhile, we were all pretty tired from all the driving, but were glad to make the trip. It was so fun to see Cindy and Ken and Sydney again.

Jackie was a real good traveller. She watched dvd's and ate snacks and played games and counted trucks.

Blake and Jared and Brian all took turns driving. They made sure that Blake was driving when we got near Chicago, so he could deal with the traffic and many roads.

I didn't drive, I just rode along and entertained Jackie, and passed out drinks and snacks. I was probably the worst of the travellers, I'm not a real good sitter for long hours.

Cabela's in Sidney, Nebraska

We had a small trailer for such a big pickup.

Jackie's up bright and early, ready to leave the hotel in Sydney, Ne.

Brian and Jared getting to know Stormy.

Blake and Cindy watching the boys and the dog.

Check out Cindy's blog to see many more pictures of our adventures!

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Nanette Hirschi said...

I loved this blog about your trip. I felt like I was there! You kept so busy and did such a variety of things. Don't you just love being together as a family? There is nothing better. I bet Cindy loved having you. Her house is beautiful! I get to visit Britt and Josh in October and can't wait. I have a conference in Chicago and will fly to virginia from there. Brianne is going to fly out also. I love keeping up with your family through your blog. By the way, did Celia get the job she stayed home to interview for?