Friday, June 24, 2011

Pictures from Jared

Here are a few pictures Jared sent home from the MTC. He didn't tell us who any of these people are, but we love getting pictures.

He left the MTC on June 14th, it was so fun for Blake and I to talk to him on the phone! We love getting his emails and hearing how he's doing! 
With President and Sister Clark in front of the St. Louis Temple

Jared is serving in O'Fallon, MO, it is about 1/2 hour northwest of St. Louis. It is a residential/agricultural area. 

I had a wonderful surprise last night! I got a picture text of Jared! I was so surprised when a picture of Jared popped up from a number I didn't recognize. He was on splits with a Brother Gonthier, who is the High Priest Group Leader in the ward where Jared is serving. They were waiting for his companion to finish his visits, so Brother Gonthier took Jared to Dairy Queen for some ice cream. What a fun surprise to have a picture of him pop up on my phone!
This was the message that came with the picture..."Dear Sister Purcell, I am having a DQ ice cream with a terrific new Elder. You might know him. We love him and he's doing great." I texted back, I have to admit with tears running down my cheeks, "Wow thank you, whoever you are! Tell him I love him!" Then he texted me telling me who he was and what he and Jared had been doing. Totally made my day, or for that matter many days to come!