Monday, February 1, 2016

Annual West Yellowstone Trip

January 22-24, 2016

We decided to head up to West Yellowstone for our annual snow machining trip. It was a little different this year for three reasons.  1. There was good snow! 2. Brian's family could come! 3. Three babies under a year old!  

It's hard work getting all the stuff into the condo!

Molly's such a little poser like her mommy! Ryder's shirt says Wave Rider, pretty cute.

The kids had a great time in the pool!

Saturday morning, Jared, Nikelle, Brian, Celia and Maden went for a ride. Maden loved it.  We need to get him and Nikelle helmets that fit better. Brian found out he kind of liked riding too.

This seems to happen quite a bit, getting stuck that is.  Celia got stuck in the morning, and Randy or Jared got stuck in the afternoon when they went on a big boys only ride.

Maden and Annie went out to play in all that snow. 

Celia and Clark came out to help build a snowman.  It was hard work because the snow was pretty powdery, it didn't pack very well, but with Celia's determination, she got it done.  

There were games played with Maden and Annie, walks in the halls with the babies,  and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

There was a lot of eating and feeding happening.  Grandma gave Clark a cookie, and he loved it! He didn't love the cleaning up after the cookie though.  On Sunday, we went to Sacrament Meeting. Randy, Courtney, Ryder, Jared, Nikelle, Molly, Blake and I all squished into Randy's pickup to ride to church.  Nikelle and Courtney had to get really cozy.  It was a fun weekend and a great get-a-way.  

Love these Babies!

I can't blog without including a page of these cuties.  We are starting to see their little personalities coming to life.  They are all so different and fun in their own ways.  They are beginning to notice each other and interact together.  I think the fun is just beginning!

Grandma Purcell is 90!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Blake's mother, Helen Purcell's birthday is on January 19th, it was a big year for her, she was turning 90! I know she never really wanted to reach this milestone, but she did it anyway! Blake's sister decided we should have a grand party, so she organized it for the Saturday before.  It was a very good party and lots of people came to wish her Happy Birthday.

We had family come the first hour, we sang happy birthday on a classic cake made by Merralee.  Of course I had to get some pictures of these little ones.  Ryder and Molly were really talking to each other, and Ryder and Grandpa matched!

We got some cute pictures with Grandma.  Ryder and Clark like to study Grandma Great. 

Merralee had 6 stations for the great grandkids to do activities that taught them something about Grandma Great Purcell. I think there about 60 great grandkids, and I would say there were over 30 there. We had yummy soup and rolls and cake. It was a good party for a special lady.

Nikelle's 24!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Nikelle's birthday was on  Wednesday, January 6th. It was a very busy day for everyone, especially Nikelle, so Celia was very gracious to organize a party for Nikelle on Saturday the 9th.  She got some scrumptious cupcakes from the Cocoa Bean. We played some games and had a great time.  We're so thankful you joined our family, Nikelle!
Earlier in the day Jared and Nikelle were able to buy this fancy pickup truck! Jared is very pleased with his new prize!