Thursday, April 20, 2017

March Madness 2017

We begin March with Brian's birthday, and end March with Molly's birthday. Here's a recap of the birthdays and all the madness in between!

March 1 - Brian's Birthday

Brian got to celebrate on the 1st with his little family, then again with the rest of us on the 4th.  He loves pulling funny faces.

Trip to Salt Lake - Blake, Randy, Ryder, Jared, Nikelle, Molly and I took a little trip to Salt Lake so Jared and Nikelle could go to Disney on Ice and so Jared, Nikelle, Blake and I could go to cousin Jessica's wedding.  Randy and Ryder came along to help tend Molly.  We stayed in the Residence Inn, Downtown Salt Lake.  

We ate at Cheesecake Factory. We loved the 65 degree weather and playing on the court outside of the hotel.  Molly and Ryder loved all the adventures that come with staying in a hotel.

It was a beautiful wedding in the Salt Lake Temple, and sadly, this is the only picture I took at either the wedding or the reception.  On Sunday morning, Jared, Nikelle and I went to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Broadcast.  That is always a special treat.

Saturday, March 18th - For one reason or another, we were all together, the guys were fixing and changing things in the shed.  It turned out to be a fun day.  

We blew a lot of bubbles. Annie and Maden took a lot of pictures again.

There was a lot of swinging! Yay for no snow and almost warm weather! Ryder and Molly went for a little bike ride with Grandpa.  Molly liked getting into this "ball", but Ryder's scared of it.

The littles liked playing on the new toy at grandma's house.  

Misc. March Madness

Molly was really liking Randy at Brian's birthday party.  Ryder and Molly sitting on her bench reading stories.  Molly sits on the heater to read a story. Maden and Annie having a great time at kids night at Texas Roadhouse.  Ryder and Molly had to sit with Grandma and Grandpa at Roadhouse.

Ryder made a tower with his cup and water bottle.  He went for a little bike ride. We visited with Blake at Parkway  before his Colonoscopy.

We gave Molly a little trim, she was such a good girl and held so still.  Ryder had to brush his teeth while Molly got her little hair cut.  Ryder thought he was so big when he sat by Grandpa on the couch.  Molly figured out that she was way too big to fit into the shopping cart.

Annie had more fun taking selfies. Clark loves being pushed around on any bike or trike.  Ryder and Clark are really big helpers outside.  Annie, Clark and Maden had more fun at another Texas Roadhouse kid night.

Ryder loved standing on the stool to brush. Molly loves to be outside, and loves to swing.  Ryder liked stomping in the leftover snowdrift, and swinging.  He couldn't figure out why Grandma Beth and Grandpa Chin Chopper wouldn't open their door.  (They were in South Carolina.)

Ryder's ready to mow! Clark and Ryder had fun playing together while Grandpa tended them.  Ryder thinks he's funny to climb up on the couch.  Everyone is so happy to be playing outside.

Going to see the chicks, bunnies and ducklings at CAL's is a favorite pass time for Blake and Ryder, so when Molly was here, of course we had to take her too.  They even got to pet a chick.  They had to have a licorice in the car.  It was really a bribe for Molly to get in her car seat.  She was really sad to the leave the car shopping cart in Keslers.

Blake and Ryder walking on the boat ramp at Jensen's Grove.  Molly got to ride in the seat of the trike while Ryder stood up behind.  They always have to do what the other one is doing.  If one is in the chair, the other one gets in too. 

March 31 - Molly's Birthday

This cute, happy, adventurous, sweet, energetic, funny girl is 2! She still looks like her Daddy did when he was 2!

Nikelle threw a fun little Dr. Seuss themed party for Molly.  I can't believe she's already 2!