Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Tennis

Blake, Brian and Celia entered another tennis tournament at Apple Athletic over the week end. Blake played singles and doubles with Brian. Brian and Celia played mixed doubles.

Blake played much better in his singles match on Friday afternoon than he did in the previous tournament, but ended up losing. The score didn't reflect how close the games really were, he gave his opponent a good run for his money. He was sad that it was a single elimination tournament.

Blake and Brian didn't play extremely well in their match later on Friday, but were able to pull out a win in 3 sets.

Brian and Celia played even later on Friday, they ended up losing in 3 hard fought sets. Brian was pretty upset!

Blake and Brian played their second doubles match on Saturday afternoon. They weren't playing very good again, but took it to three sets, and then lost. But they each got a trophy and $20.00 for getting second place. One thing Blake has learned is that it is a lot harder to play in a tournament situation than just playing for fun. Maybe he'll understand better when he's watching Jared play school tennis.

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