Saturday, November 8, 2008


Blake's brother, Terry had a wonderful idea to plant fish in a pond he uses for irrigation. Terry's kids and grandkids have had a great time fishing all summer. The problem now is that the pond is going to dry up soon, so all the fish need to get caught. So, on Friday because Blake was off work and Jared didn't have school, they decided to go fishing in Terry's pond. Brian met them after class and away they went. The only problem was that it was misting, not really raining, but just misting and it was cold. They didn't catch any fish, but thought it was fun to go in a private pond. Then on Saturday afternoon, Blake and Jared went back for a little while. Grandma Purcell and I rode with them and watched from the car. Terry was there with some of his family. They had caught some fish before we got there, and we watched two more get caught. Thanks, Terry for letting us "try" to catch some of your fish!

Brian and Jared fishing on Friday.

There was a little ice on the pond on Friday.

This is how Terry fishes! He sticks his pole in the ground, then goes and lays on the bank and talks on his phone!

Blake had a couple of nibbles both days, but didn't bring either of them to shore.

Terry, Jared and Blake, talking and fishing.

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