Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tennis Tournament or Marathon?

Apple Athletic and Tennis Club in Idaho Falls sponsored a week long tournament starting Oct. 25th through Nov. 1st. We have practically lived there this week. Blake decided to try playing in a tournament, his very first experience playing like that. Blake played singles, he didn't win either match, but had a good time playing someone besides his kids. Brian played singles and won the championship. Celia played singles, she lost her first match but won her second (she was thrilled because that was her first win in singles!), her opponent didn't show up for the consolation championship match so I guess Celia won that! Brian and Blake played men's doubles and they won the championship! Blake was pretty pleased with that! Brian and Celia played mixed doubles and won that championship too! Jared played mixed doubles with Megan Dalley, they have only played on match and lost it, but they played really well. They will finish up sometime this week. There were too many people in the tournament to get it all finished on time.
Brian's first match.
Brian and Celia in their first match.

Megan and Jared in their match.

Blake and Brian in one of their doubles matches. They won in 3 sets.

Blake played this match at IF High School. His opponent was Dr. Gary Wallace that he used to work with at Idaho Eye Center.

Brian had to play 3 difficult sets to win this singles championship.

Brian and Blake in their Championship Match. They won in 3 hard fought sets.

We even got Grandma Purcell to come and watch some matches, she was even figuring out how to keep score by the end. Brittany Cook came and watched Blake and Brian play too.
Celia serving, she played really well in this match!
Brian and Celia hustling around the court. I love how Celia's hair is flying! They won this match in 2 sets!
Brian serving. He won all three of his Championships on Saturday, November 1st. He's probably pretty tired!

Warming up to begin the Championship match!


Cindy Mantei said...

yay for everyone doing so good at your tournament. i love that apple lets anyone who wants to play.

Aunty Em said...

I'm very impressed!