Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Sunday night Jared and I loaded up in Big Red and headed for West Yellowstone. We stopped in Idaho Falls and picked up Brian. Celia had to stay home because she had to work. (Sorry we keep leaving you behind, Celia -- we missed you!) Blake had to stay behind on Sunday also because he had to work on Monday. He left as soon as he was finished working Monday afternoon and stopped in Idaho Falls and picked up his mother, and sister Natillie, her husband Mark and daughter Darbie. We all ended up driving in blizzard like conditions, but we made it safely.

After we got all settled in to our suite at West Yellowstone Worldmark, we made hot chocolate. Brian likes to have a huge cup and didn't think the mugs in the cupboard were big enough, so he made his in this tea pot.

Monday morning, they went and "worked out" for a little while.

Then we took off for Island Park. We found the bus that we keep seeing, no snowman yet this year.

The new machine worked really well. I enjoyed the seat, it made riding much easier for me.

When we got back to the pickup, Jared and Brian played around in the powder for a while. Jared absolutely loves it!

Brian had to get used to the machines for a while, then he decided he liked it ok too, everything except the helmet and goggles!

Randy had sent this hat home last year, and Blake decided it is a warm hat! Thanks, Randy -- bring more warm hats home with you!

Natillie even convinced Blake to play Sequence.

We took a picture in the lobby. L - R Jared, Diana, Brian, Blake, Helen, Darbie, Natillie, Mark.

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