Monday, October 20, 2008

Update and Pictures of Randy!!

Randy has been transfered to the West side of Winnipeg, he is serving as District Leader and a Trainer. He is doing really well, and working hard. We got a package today with a memory card, so here are some pictures!

Elder Adams and Purcell with the American Flag they colored on their fridge for the 4th of July.

By a huge moose on the way to Moose Jaw.

In the YSA church building in Winnipeg. He says that he still has some pretty good hops, then in small print, "too bad it's not a 10' hoop."

Elder Cutright, Purcell at the border of the U.S.


Elder Purcell, Johnson "pretending to teach".

Elders Johnson & Purcell

Elders Purcell & Johnson "studying".

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