Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Homecoming Dance

Saturday was the Homecoming Dance. Jared took Sarah Nii. They went out by Aberdeen to a cave and played frisbee in the cave, then they ended up at our house for dinner, then they went to the dance. It was cold and windy and snowy and a yucky weather day!

There were 6 couple in their group, so we had to fully extend the table.

Here are the handsome boys, Wilson Carter, Jacob Hong, Joey Harper, Jared, Daniel Pugmire and Levi Nation.

Now for the Pretty Women -- Kaitlin (I don't know her last name, she's Joey's date from Boise), Sadie Wolfley, Sarah Nii, Leisja Ulrich, and Calleen Smith

All of them! Jared and Sarah were definitely the most bright! Now they are off to the dance in the snow and cold wind.

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Aunty Em said...

I'm sure this is the wrong thing to say, but How Cute! What a nice group of kids. I get to work with Calene in Y.W. & I just love her. Good for you for hosting the dinner.