Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Toy

Yesterday, we drove to Salt Lake to pick up a new toy. Jared had talked Blake into buying a new snowmachine. Actually I'm kind of to blame because I told him that I wouldn't go with them again if we didn't have a two seater. Last year it was really not very comfortable riding behind Blake. They must want me to go, because I don't have that excuse any more. So, Jared did a bunch of research and got quotes from many different places. This place in Salt Lake came in way lower than anywhere else. Brian and Celia rode with us to bring it home.

Jared and Blake being instructed on how it works.

It just barely fit under the shell on Red.

They got it in!

We got it home, and now it's all loaded on the trailer, waiting for snow.

I had to try out the 2nd seat...pretty good, much better!

Now there are two machines loaded up.

When we got home, Blake and I went to a party and Brian and Jared and Celia decided to unload the new one from Red and put in on the trailer. They did that easy enough, then they decided to load the yellow one on too. That turned out to be a little harder. I am still not sure what happened, but somehow as Jared was going up the ramp, one ski got off the side of the trailer, and the machine and Jared tipped over. Luckily, they were by the wall of shed and the machine got wedged in and didn't fall on top Jared. He somehow scraped up the inside of his left elbow. He doesn't know what he scraped it on, but it's pretty scraped and bruised. He's pretty lucky that is all that is hurt. The machine wasn't hurt at all either.


Celia Purcell said...

He almost died is what happened. He is lucky that the snow machine didn't fall and crush his ribs or head. Then he is lucky that he didn't land 6 inches to the right (on an axe). He must be destined to ride another day. Good thing i know how to put on a band aid.

Lynne Leifson said...

Holy cow! Diana made it sound so much better than what Celia said! How scary! Glad you were protected Jared!

Lynne Leifson said...

Gosh Jared! You better be careful! Good thing you were protected so we can come visit you for a happy reason (like grama coming) not 'cause you got hurt! Hope your alright!

Michelle said...

That last comment is actualy from me, Michelle.