Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tennis Anyone... or Everyone?

On Thursday, the weather turned out nice after a really cold, rainy morning and Blake just had to try playing tennis. He did pretty good, just didn't move too fast! After Randy challenged me in his last letter, I decided I'd better get practiced up so I went along to play. Blake and I played against Jared, and he beat the socks off us! I guess that tells you how bad I am, and how limited Blake's movement is. Oh well, it was fun anyway. It's so great to drive 30 seconds over to Matsuura's court!

Blake wraps his knee everyday, he says it just feels more stable that way.

I do have a racquet in my hand! Jared let me use one of his new ones, I really liked it!

Jared, in his perfect form!

He went to Idaho Falls 3 days last week to take some tennis lessons from Holger at Apple Athletc. He has really enjoyed it. He has also been using the ball machine, he should be really good by then end of the summer!

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