Sunday, June 15, 2008

4 Wheeling!!!

We finally were able to go 4wheeling on Saturday. Blake, Jared, Brian, Celia and I went up near Swan Valley. It was really pretty, lush and green. There was some mud, but not much dust. It was a pretty fun day. After we were done 4 wheeling, we went to Swan Valley and had square ice cream cones.
Getting ready to off load the 4 wheelers.

Ready, set let's go!Here come Brian and Celia, with Jared behind them.

Jared was the last one in the line, and he got stuck in a large puddle. Blake and Brian got the tow rope and pulled him out, kind of like reeling in a big fish.
Jared got just a little bit muddy.

We found a really pretty waterfall, see the rainbow?

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