Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More 4 wheeling

Editors note: I thought this post was lost, becuase the video would never upload, I just found it! So I'm posting it now, even though I already posted the same thing again. I guess you'll just have to enjoy it twice!

Blake, Jared, Brian and Celia went 4 wheeling again this afternoon. They hooked the trailer onto Brian's pickup and went to a different place by Swan Valley. They forged a river and found a very steep hill to climb, then they had to go back down the hill. They said it was quite an adventure!

I think Celia was pretty nervous as they were coming down!

So now you know how fun it is to ride 4 wheelers!

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Cindy Mantei said...

your editor's note is funny. i'm glad the video got loaded. i would have been nervous too!