Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

November 26-28, 2015

Thursday, Nov. 26
It snowed and blew a lot in the night and on Thanksgiving morning, so Blake was glad he had put the blade on the four wheeler. Blake, and I and my parents (known as Grandma Beth and Grandpa Chin Chopper) went up to Brian and Celia's for Thanksgiving dinner.  We had a great meal! (I didn't get any pictures of the eating) Then, we played some games, listened to some stories from Blake and Grandpa Chin Chopper because Maden requested them.  He would scoot from one to the other on the couch and snuggle in for each story.

Friday, Nov. 27
Friday morning, Randy, Blake and I met Brian's family at Pizza Pie Cafe for their Black Friday Breakfast Buffet, then we went over to Grandma Great Purcell's house to help put up her Christmas tree. Annie and Celia were singing some songs (that Annie knew all the words to) and dancing. Clark was happy just to hang out on the floor. When we got home, Blake and Randy cleaned the snow from Randy's driveway. Then later, Courtney & Ryder got home from Utah, and Jared, Nikelle and Molly got here after their trip to New Hampshire! 

Saturday, Nov. 28
We had our family Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday when all the boys and their families could be here. (Once again, no pictures of the eating.) Before dinner, Brian and his kids went to help Grandma Beth put her Christmas tree up, then after dinner everyone helped put mine up.  Such good helpers, I love looking at my tree and remembering the little hands that put the ornaments at their level.

Before dinner, some of the guys went outside to shoot some skeet, because Nikelle wanted to try out her new gun. It was pretty cold.

Jared somehow ended up with all the babies on his lap. I don't think Ryder was too thrilled about it.  Then, I had to share these cute pictures of Clark and Molly.  I think Ryder must have been napping when I took these.

Blake brought Molly down to help Maden and Annie play a little pool.  She loved it, Maden and Annie not so much at first, but then they made up a new game and it was fun for everyone.  Maden and Annie love to try out the new toys I have bought for the babies. 
It was a good Thanksgiving weekend.  I am so grateful that I get to spend so much time with my family.

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